How do I protect my Facebook account from hacking?

How do I protect my Facebook account from hacking?

August 31, 2016 Off By admin

It's decided: you'll finally take the time to secure your Facebook account. Indeed, at the moment, your account is not protected from hacking and you are a little worried about that. Check out some easy-to-implement tips on Facebook that will give you maximum peace of mind.

Preventing a Facebook hack starts with a complicated and unique password!

On the Internet, the most common mistake is to use passwords that are really too easy to guess: even without software, it is possible to find them very easily.

The first step is to define a unique and complex password for Facebook: forget your pet's name or date of birth.

Here are some tips for defining a secure password on social networks:

12 characters at least

Use letters and numbers in your password. Don't hesitate to use capital letters as well as lower case

Don't hesitate to change your password regularly

Take the time to inform your privacy settings

At first, you can set lists of friends on Facebook. It's still the best way to decide what items your friends will have access to. To achieve this, it is very simple. Once you've defined your lists, just go to your privacy settings. We invite you to click "Personalized" and then "Personalize settings." All you have to do is set up each friends list.

Another precaution to take: in privacy settings, choose "Applications and websites." Start by deleting apps you don't use (and you'll see: there will be many). Then uncheck all the boxes in the settings that appear in the "Information accessible through your friends" section.

Sign in to your Facebook account in HTTPS

Are you used to going to Facebook from connections that aren't secure? In your account settings, in the "security" section, you can ask to browse Facebook in HTTPS when possible. In addition, you can request an email every time a new phone or computer logs into your Facebook account.

With these tips, your Facebook account will be much better protected. Of course, don't forget common sense advice: don't click on a link that you think is fraudulent, think twice before giving personal information via Facebook messaging, etc. Even if your Facebook account is not hacked, it doesn't prevent those of your loved ones from being hacked. It would be a shame to infest your computer with a virus when you have taken all necessary precautions to avoid having your Facebook account hacked!

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