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Safety tips to avoid hacking Facebook. The most visited social network in the world!

Some tips to create your Facebook account safely

Today Facebook is the most used social network in the world.

It has about 2 billion visitors a day, not to mention that its influence has grown since the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Because almost everyone is on Facebook not to say that everyone is on Facebook. we must admit that few young people or professionals do not have a Facebook account. some, on the other hand, others had them, but were reported unfortunately for them, which put an end to the activity of these accounts. If you are not yet on Facebook or if you were and you were unfortunately ejected, you want to create a Facebook account then we want to give you some tips to create this profile safely. because today the use of social networks requires an attitude on the protection of personal data. Because it only takes one simple mistake to be targeted by malicious people. And it can cost you a lot of money.

So follow these tips:

1 – Don't say too much about yourself

discretion is the fundamental attitude to observe on Facebook. Facebook's billions of subscribers and billions of data that make up this web giant. The mistakes that people who sign up for Facebook usually make is to complete the fields presented to them. when in reality, there is no obligation to fill all the fields, to create its account. It is even better to leave some fields without providing any information that remains to clarify. Because too much can be said about you.

This precaution is intended to protect the user from potential stalker, people who are lurking numbers and who spend their time monitoring and spying on others users. For Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS, IT journalists who said: "We tend to be well and fill out all the lines of a form as one would answer politely to a question. Big mistake on the internet! Too much to say is to deliver bar gold to people who are not necessarily well-intentioned. and it can also be extremely damaging to you. (…) Facebook is the best example. It is possible to exist on the social network without too much say of yourself but also without passing for a ghost just good at "stalker" (spying and stalking carpet in the shadow of the web) your friends and/or knowledge. She added: "Whatever the information that you're going to inform, always make it aware of and by measuring the potential risks. The best thing is not to let your "public" profile. This will let you know who can have access to your information, since it will inevitably be your "friends". ».

2 – Don't necessarily put your date of birth

Indeed, we know that the date of birth combined with your standard identifiers such as name and first name can allow some people to access your bank references. don't run the risk of exposing yourself financially for just small happy birthday messages.

3 – Don't add your affiliated phone number to your account

even if this often seems like a good couple idea and his Facebook profile at his phone number. Because not only does this make it easier to connect to account, but it makes it easy to find other people using the phone number you have in your repertoire, provided that the latter too couple their profile like you to their number. otherwise if you don't do Attention, no matter who can retrieve your phone numbers online.

4 – Please do not activate the location

Even though it's fun and often very handy add places to our publications, it can also be dangerous for you, not only for all these advertisers of ads that are taken all over Facebook, but also for hackers or even other people who don't tell you don't necessarily want good. You will be traceable and anyone could follow your Travel.

5 – Avoid giving information about your travels or travel

Indeed, this would be ideal for the thief burglar to take advantage of your absence. your trip won't be that happy if you allow yourself to say it any time on social media.

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Hack Facebook account without paying money

Nowadays Facebook account hacking has become something very common.

Everyone wants to try it. So everyone is constantly looking for new strategies to be able to succeed in this hack. The thing is, people are more interested in free methods. In this article we will try to clear things up. Can you really hack into a Facebook account without paying any money?

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To answer this question in a clear and clear way, if you have very developed computer skills. Indeed you can of course hack into a Facebook account without paying a cent.

Otherwise, if you are a beginner or even a layman who wants to initiate a small hack to spy on a close, let's say you'll have to pay. And often very expensive.

The price you will have to pay is vary depending on the method you use. If you use a hacker especially for these types of tasks, make sure you're will pay dearly. Indeed, hacking scripts are difficult and time-time-taking.

Now as for the alternative of the apps you have to buy licenses from publishers at often sums pretty coquettish.

Hacking sites that offer this kind of service will ask you to pay a good amount of money so as not to break your anonymity. Indeed, hacking sites are never free no matter what they tell you from the beginning. In practice they are known to have the most affordable prices.

However you run a risk when you ask for their service. Indeed many of them are fake sites whose purpose is to steal data. Or they'll make you download anything even if it jeopardizes your own computer security. Also you will have to be very careful this goes with your protection. For hacking sites, you can prepare to pay about 10 euros to get started. The price of climbing so get ready for that. Exceptionally some rare sites you offer the free service.

But don't go headlong!

On the other hand, there is a method that costs nothing and we have said it above. This method is to teach you piracy.

Indeed, even if it is not easy, it is the strategy that won't cost you a penny. It's even safer Yourself. You can learn online with tutorials you'll see on YouTube or there are sites that will show you some hacking strategies that you can apply.

In conclusion, we offer two methods that we believe are best for you. The method by software and by yourself. There is very good hacking software that can help you easily. Don't be stingy. The second method would be for you to learn the hacking methods yourself. You have to admit it won't be a breeze because the programming is quite complex from time to time but with a little effort you will certainly get there.

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Here's how it works:

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3 easy tips to secure your Facebook

With nearly two (2) billion users, Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world.

He is rightly like Google, a key player in the Internet. We can find all generations around the world on this social network.

However, some scandals, particularly those concerning the privacy or exploitation of the personal data of its users such as the Cambridge Analytica case, have not only tarnished facebook's image, but have also raised the issue of the security and integrity of the data emitted by everyone during its passage if that network.

The success of Facebook has generated a lot of interest, both from large companies but also from individuals with not always Catholic intentions. Notably hackers and other web criminals.

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All this demonstrates the need for control but also provisions necessary to protect themselves by secure their Facebook account.

Hack a Facebook account with PASS FINDER

PASS FINDER is the most powerful app that lets anyone hack into a Facebook account in minutes. It hacks a password from an email, phone number or username.

As shown on the top screen, PASS FINDER displays the password of the Facebook account you hacked. Even if the account is protected with dual authentication, it can hack the password.

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Here are some tips and tips to secure your account and protect yourself from many problems.

1- the choice of password

Set a strong password for your account Facebook is imperative! The password is the first shield you have against pirates. If you use such a weak password like this '123456' or '098765', you will make it easier easily the task to the hacker who wants to illegally connect to your account.

Above all, you'll also need to avoid passwords that could be easily guessed by those around you (for example, the name of your favorite toy or your date of birth, etc.). These are really passwords too easy to guess. And if you don't want anyone to have access to your Facebook account (or other social networks or website on which you would share your personal data), be careful not to disclose your password!

It sounds quite simple to say that but it is not uncommon to see some people, usually the youngest users, indeed communicate their password to their friends or family members… The password is personal and remains sensitive.

2- dual-factor authentication

Dual-factor authentication is one of the most important actions to implement to secure your Facebook account. Because this process increases the level of security of your account. In addition to entering your password, dual-step authentication will require another code to confirm you.

This code can only be used once, it is sent to you either by SMS to the number listed in the Facebook settings or by Mail. So your connection to your Facebook account on another unknown device in the network will only be possible if you enter the second code correctly.

3- The use of ancillary apps in Facebook

Pay close attention to the app you use when you're connected to Facebook. Indeed, it often happens at a detour to take an interest in a quiz. Or you often play online games and are asked to allow such an application for anything. Think about it. Watch out for the permissions these third-party apps require, don't allow anything without thinking! Otherwise, you may end up with publications that advertise at any point, while you don't publish on your own.

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Is Facebook hacked a lot?

Facebook is the most used social network in the world with nearly three (3) billion users.

Its founder is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is an online social network that allows its users to post images, photos, videos, files and documents, exchange messages, join and create groups and use a variety of applications" (Wikipedia, Facebook)

his popularity is also what makes it so dangerous. Indeed, Facebook attracts more and more users for a variety of reasons. Some for unsealable reasons. Since 2012, it has been virtually impossible for a day to without the famous social network being hacked. To respond to our Facebook is by far one of the most pirated sites in the world. world. In our article, we will give you the reasons for such a assertion and causes that may well legitimize the reasons for these massive hacks.

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Is Facebook that hacked?

The social network announced in 2018 that it had suffered a major attack endangering the personal data of some fifty (50) million users. In the same year, Facebook suffered a data leak involving about eighty seven (87) million users in the case involving cambridge Analytica.

There are tools that can hack into a Facebook account in just a few minutes.

PASS FINDER software hacks Facebook passwords from an email, phone number or login-ID.

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At this point. The real question is why Facebook is so hacked. And by whom?

Why is Facebook so Hacked?

Various reasons for the constant hacking of the famous network. we can distinguish between two types of causes. Personal Causes and Causes Economic. But in both (2) cases, we are faced with an offence.

Personal reasons

he Often, Facebook accounts are hacked by relatives of Victims. It can be parents curious to know how their children behave on the social network. The goal is at this level of the watch. But it's not just the parents. We also have spouses jealous or overprotective. Where it could be the ex-spouse or partner, friends where lovers are secret. As many possibilities as people. like what, no one is immune to a potential pirate who, for the most part, cases are a relative.

Economic causes

Here the goal is to carry out actions that could bring in money. By what means? Well we first have identity theft. It is a practice allows the hacker to extract money from his victim's relatives. By pretending to be the latter, the cyber-offender will be able to invent a (health or need for assistance) to mislead the vigilance of close to the victim. This is a common and very effective practice

In addition, we have the theft of personal data. It's the work of hackers who blame your wallet directly, if possible, for your loved ones if possible. Data theft can be the work of an isolated hacker or a group of hackers. It can be done individually targeting individuals or in a grouped way by a super attack that is often very flashy. The often-targeted data are:

– credit card numbers

– Social Security numbers

– bank accounts, retirement savings or insurance.

– IDs and passwords of targeted victims.

How can we protect against this scourge?

mark Zuckerberg said, "We have a responsibility to protect your data and whether we can't do it, we don't deserve to serve you"

The network is constantly fighting against this kind of attack, whether isolated or grouped. Several updates are constantly available and security protocols evaluate and readjust at all times. However, the protection cannot be complete if the users themselves do not make an effort on their side.

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How do I hack into a Facebook account?

One of our articles was titled: My hacked Facebook account, what to do?

Far from the irony we will tell you about the hacking of a Facebook account. But actively this time. That is, how you can hack into someone else’s account. One imagines that worried and curious parents would like to know what their child is doing online or a little jealous boyfriend who would like to spy a little on his girlfriend on the networks. In short, so many legitimate reasons. However, we would like to make it clear that this act is illegal. Hacking an account is an offence. So before you go, take precautions. We do not encourage you to do so. However, in this article, you will have tips that can help you, even if you are a computer genius. So follow.

Tip 1: Software Hacking

Just tap into a search bar to find a plethora of software that would imply that you can help you hack into a Facebook account. But few are safe and would expose you very easily.

So what would be the purpose of your hacking if you if you are easily discovered. For our part, we offer you a reliable tool that has proven itself for ten (10) years. This software is PASS FINDER. You can try it for free on

How it works?

It’s simple. PASS FINDER is designed to allow you to hack into the password of the account you are targeting. This will have the merit of being quick and risk-free. To achieve this, it takes three (3) steps:

  1. Click the “INSTALL” button to extract FACEBOOK passwords.
  2. Then you open PASS FINDER.
  3. After that you just have to follow the instructions on the screen.

PASS FINDER’s programming for find a password

from you entered the email address or phone number or ID CONNECTing FACEBOOK or Messenger, PASS FINDER will automatically decode the password by exploiting database vulnerabilities (this operation may take several minutes).

Subsequently, the option to save the password in a document will be offered to you so you will never forget it. This software has infinite possibilities, you can decrypt a number unlimited accounts you want even if your Facebook has been hacked. Read the rules.

Tip 2: The Direct Method

If you want to try without an app and you don’t want any simply install a hacker app on your target’s connection device, there is a fairly simple method to hack Facebook account of your choice it’s a completely legal way in principle to hack into a Facebook account that uses the system built by Facebook against itself.

In this method requires you to try to connect with Facebook ID of your target.

Then you select the “forgotten password” option. after that you can follow the steps for resetting the new password, thus embedsing to your profit account.

The benefits are speed and efficiency, plus you don’t need to or to entrust this task to websites that you doubt certainly. Moreover, it is reliable and safe.

As to the disadvantages, to succeed in this kind of hacking you need Facebook ID and your email address. target. Then you can access his email account or his phone or his computer. The hacked person will sooner or later discover that he or she has been Pirated. And finally, you can be traced if the victim is a connoisseur or vindictive. And it’s going to be bad for you.

Also, we recommend more the first method, with the PASS FINDER software.

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