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Safety tips to avoid hacking Facebook. The most visited social network in the world!

How do I protect my Facebook account from hacking?

It's decided: you'll finally take the time to secure your Facebook account. Indeed, at the moment, your account is not protected from hacking and you are a little worried about that. Check out some easy-to-implement tips on Facebook that will give you maximum peace of mind.

Preventing a Facebook hack starts with a complicated and unique password!

On the Internet, the most common mistake is to use passwords that are really too easy to guess: even without software, it is possible to find them very easily.

The first step is to define a unique and complex password for Facebook: forget your pet's name or date of birth.

Here are some tips for defining a secure password on social networks:

12 characters at least

Use letters and numbers in your password. Don't hesitate to use capital letters as well as lower case

Don't hesitate to change your password regularly

Take the time to inform your privacy settings

At first, you can set lists of friends on Facebook. It's still the best way to decide what items your friends will have access to. To achieve this, it is very simple. Once you've defined your lists, just go to your privacy settings. We invite you to click "Personalized" and then "Personalize settings." All you have to do is set up each friends list.

Another precaution to take: in privacy settings, choose "Applications and websites." Start by deleting apps you don't use (and you'll see: there will be many). Then uncheck all the boxes in the settings that appear in the "Information accessible through your friends" section.

Sign in to your Facebook account in HTTPS

Are you used to going to Facebook from connections that aren't secure? In your account settings, in the "security" section, you can ask to browse Facebook in HTTPS when possible. In addition, you can request an email every time a new phone or computer logs into your Facebook account.

With these tips, your Facebook account will be much better protected. Of course, don't forget common sense advice: don't click on a link that you think is fraudulent, think twice before giving personal information via Facebook messaging, etc. Even if your Facebook account is not hacked, it doesn't prevent those of your loved ones from being hacked. It would be a shame to infest your computer with a virus when you have taken all necessary precautions to avoid having your Facebook account hacked!

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Why is Facebook hacking so common?

Ever since you had a Facebook account, you were afraid you'd get hacked. Indeed, around you, you have already been made to understand that this is quite common! For your part, you wonder what a Facebook hack can be used for. The Password Revelator team explains everything there is to know about this phenomenon.

The Facebook hack: a risk of identity theft for malicious purposes

On social media, the biggest risk is to be impersonating you. Since you're not a celebrity, you're wondering what interest a hacker can find there. In fact, this identity theft is the best way for hackers to spread malware on social networks.

Imagine the following situation: a hacker hacks into your Facebook account. Once they have access to your account, they can spam your contacts by impersoning you. For example, by writing a message asking your contacts to visit a website: your contacts will click on the link and end up on an infested site. In turn, they will unknowingly infest their contacts on Facebook and so on.

There is software to find a Facebook password:

It can be Find a Facebook accountdownloaded here:

The theft of personal data at the heart of Facebook hacks

Hacking into a Facebook account doesn't just allow you to spread worms and malware. It also allows hackers to steal personal data. While these are important for businesses, so are individuals. A few years ago, few people were still interested in the issue of personal data, but this is less and less the case.

For individuals, the theft of personal data has become a fear. This explains why tips on how to properly secure social networks are so popular.

Protect yourself from the Facebook hack: how to use it

Is it really possible to effectively protect a Facebook account from hacking?Yes absolutely, provided you make good resolutions and apply them as quickly as possible on all of its social networks:

Choose a complex and different password on each website

Take the time to fill in the privacy and security settings on Facebook: it only takes a few minutes and will save you a lot of embarrassment in the future.

Avoid accepting contacts you don't know about on Facebook

Don't click on a link that seems fraudulent, even if it's a friend of yours who sent you the link: prevention is better than cure!

Now you know why it's important to protect yourself from Facebook account hacks: take steps to prevent the spread of viruses and the theft of personal data!

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I lost my Facebook password: what to do?

Social networks, you use them every day. But today, you can't log in to Facebook: your password no longer seems valid. What to do in such a situation? Learn about Password Revelator's tips for fixing the problem and preventing it from happening again in the future!

Loss of password or Facebook hack?

The first thing that is important to ask is:

  • Have you simply forgotten your password? This can happen, especially if you have different passwords to authenticate on the different sites you use on a daily basis.
  • Are you a victim of a hack of your Facebook account?

Indeed, it can be much more complex to find your Facebook password if the account has been hacked. Once the problem is resolved, you will also need to find a solution to better secure your account: it is essential for your peace of mind and for your privacy!

Find your Facebook password

At first glance, it's not difficult to find your Facebook password. All you have to do is ask for a password reset from the social network: an email will be sent to you. You will need to click on the link at your disposal and enter a new password… making sure you don't forget it this time!

However, the scenario is not always so simple: you may also no longer have access to your inbox. In this case, you will have to answer a secret question in the hope that you have answered this field when setting up your Facebook account. One last option put in place by the social network: ask for the help of your friends to authenticate your account! But beware, this feature can only be used if trusted contacts have been informed, which is still rarely the case.

Last option: use a service like the one offered by Password Revelator to find your password!

PASS FINDER is the software that allows anyone to find their lost or forgotten password!

Find a Facebook password

To download it, go here:

Better secure your Facebook account to avoid hacking!

Have you found your Facebook password? That's very good news! If you want to prevent this from happening again and the idea of hacking into your Facebook account causes you sleepless nights, here are some tips:

  • Change your password through a really complex combination

Keep facebook's security settings in the right. Make sure the email address is still active. We also advise you to answer the secret question and indicate trusted contacts. So, if you have to lose your password again, you will have several options at your disposal.

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Is Facebook secure for my password?

In recent months, Facebook has significantly increased its level of security on account identifiers. Indeed, until the beginning of 2013, hacking into a Facebook account via his password was a breeze.

From gaping flaws to more security

All you had to do was reset the desired password. This was possible because of a gaping flaw in the security system.

The user seeking to change his password arriving on a screen on which he only had to change the user's name at the same time as he put a password. It was over.

From now on, it will be more complicated to crack this password. Already in early 2013, Facebook had reacted very quickly. But the system has improved even more. Now, facebook is constantly spying on the web and comparing the hacked data with all its accounts, in real time.

So if a comparison were to hit the spot, Facebook would immediately notify the user to inform them of the possible hacking.
The whole thing is managed by an algorithm. As a result, no human or database is able to read or store passwords in a clear version.

The risk is therefore less today to be hacked.

Data leaks are not where you think

That said, the fact remains that a savvy hacker can achieve it without too much worry. In fact, while the majority of people think they have locked their personal accounts so that they cannot give everyone access to their private lives, companies still manage to recover a lot of items before a job interview.
This lays the limit of social networks.

The fact is that securing the password on Facebook is important for one thing; to be the only one able to reveal his life to the entire planet.

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How to change your password on Facebook

Changing your password from time to time is necessary to avoid the risk of account hacking and optimize the security of your data. On Facebook in particular, a quarterly or even monthly update is recommended to take advantage of maximum security.

How do I choose the right password on Facebook?

Above all, a good password must be properly formed. You can use mnemotechnical methods to find a high-security password. The technique of the first letters has proven its worth in this area. As the name suggests, it's about keeping the initials in the tiny of a sentence you've personally chosen, along with a memory, a song word or a quote, for example.

The second solution is just as effective. It consists of using the sound of each syllable to develop a sentence. For "I broke a CD," the code would be "gkc1cd."
It's up to you to choose the phrase that is most common to you. Add to that numbers that speak to you or special characters to get a secure code.

Change your password on Facebook, step by step

After you find your password, open your Facebook account.
At the top, to the right of the page, is a small icon representing an arrow pointing downwards. It refers to the account settings. By clicking on it, a feature list will appear, choose "settings." You will then reach the general parameters of your account.
After your name, your username and email address, is the registered password that is valid.
Click on the word "edit." The small questionnaire that will appear will be filled out with the password you just created, your new password, followed by a new entry of the password. Once you've checked it correctly, record the changes to your account.
A message will then be sent to you, notifying you that your security code has been correctly changed.To increase account security, it's a good idea to avoid common passwords like your birthday, the word "password" or the number series that follow each other in increasing or decreasing order.

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