Is Facebook secure for my password?

Is Facebook secure for my password?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

In recent months, Facebook has significantly increased its level of security on account identifiers. Indeed, until the beginning of 2013, hacking into a Facebook account via his password was a breeze.

From gaping flaws to more security

All you had to do was reset the desired password. This was possible because of a gaping flaw in the security system.

The user seeking to change his password arriving on a screen on which he only had to change the user's name at the same time as he put a password. It was over.

From now on, it will be more complicated to crack this password. Already in early 2013, Facebook had reacted very quickly. But the system has improved even more. Now, facebook is constantly spying on the web and comparing the hacked data with all its accounts, in real time.

So if a comparison were to hit the spot, Facebook would immediately notify the user to inform them of the possible hacking.
The whole thing is managed by an algorithm. As a result, no human or database is able to read or store passwords in a clear version.

The risk is therefore less today to be hacked.

Data leaks are not where you think

That said, the fact remains that a savvy hacker can achieve it without too much worry. In fact, while the majority of people think they have locked their personal accounts so that they cannot give everyone access to their private lives, companies still manage to recover a lot of items before a job interview.
This lays the limit of social networks.

The fact is that securing the password on Facebook is important for one thing; to be the only one able to reveal his life to the entire planet.

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