The most common jokes on Facebook

The most common jokes on Facebook

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

If we consider Facebook as an extension of oneself, of our thinking, of our way of being, of the way we perceive life, then we can also imagine that the same is true for other users.

Based on this principle, and given the distorting mirror that is this social network, one can address to the whole network the self-image with which one feels best.

In fact Facebook allows us to be identified by members of our network as we would like to be perceived in life. If you don't want to be joked about, then choose a good password.

It is, in this sense, a tool to control its image.

The best jokes to make

From there, a lot of situations can be funny. Sometimes it only takes a small change on a single point, to make all our "friends" move.

If you've had a Facebook account for a long time, and the people who follow you have spotted you, try some manipulations, and you'll see for yourself. You can easily find a facebook password to make these jokes to your friends.

Changing your status as a couple

For example, while you are known for your celibacy, change your status and show up as a couple. You'll immediately see a string of congratulations on your life change on your News Feed.

Many people taking what is written on other people's walls for cash, you will have trapped your followers.

The double anniversary

Similarly, if you feel unserved, there is nothing to stop you from celebrating your birthday twice a year.

Again, most of your contacts will wish you a happy birthday, without even remembering that they had done it six months before. And this type of joke is endlessly repeatable.

You can change your statuses as you see fit, so write down what you want or what goes through your head. In absolute terms, nothing forbids you to invent a life…

I like

The limits of humour

But there is a limit to that. And, invariably, we always come back to the story of Peter and the Wolf.

By constantly joking, no one will believe you when you publish serious information. If the opposite is true too, it is easier to remedy it. In addition, you can tire your contacts, who will be uninterested in you and will no longer follow your thread.

The risk is that on the actual date of your birthday, no one will celebrate it for you.

Beware of black humour

In another style, black humour also has its followers. Whether it's photos or text elements, it's always interesting to pay attention to how others react to your outings.

But then again, some forms of humor are not compatible with each other, or with context, quite simply. The whole thing, in humor, is to know when, and on what audience, you take out your stories. A certain balance must be found to maintain some form of credibility. And everyone has their own limits.

And remember Pierre Desproges' sentence: "You can laugh at everything, but not with anyone. »

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