What is the right frequency of publication?

What is the right frequency of publication?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Today everyone has several accounts on different sites and other platforms. Each of these accounts comes with a password, the only line of data protection, sometimes personal, that you can store there. Internet attacks are increasing and occurring every day, which is why it's important to change your passwords from time to time.

A good password changed regularly

First of all, it is essential to choose a good password. Avoid composing a password of less than ten characters and having too close a relationship with your person, such as: date of birth, date of marriage, first name. Advocate a mix of numbers and letters. Above all, avoid using the same password for all your accounts, otherwise once it is known all your accounts are defenseless. It is recommended that you change your password several times a year. Many people never change their passwords, this poses a definite danger to the data stored on the various accounts. In general, it is desirable that you change your passwords every six months, or approximately twice a year.

A change based on the data

The recommended change frequency is twice a year, but this is different depending on the data you have recorded on the account. For your account that gives access to your banking and financial information, prefer a change about every 90 days, or three times a year. Then if you have professional emails, which have a certain sensitive nature, recommend a monthly change. The more regularly the password is changed, the more difficult it is to access your account, however, there is no need to change it every week.

In the end, because hacks are the most frequent on the internet, be careful to choose a password that is complicated to guess. If you ever have a doubt that someone knows your password, please change it as soon as possible to protect your data.

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