Are the passwords forming patterns on his keyboard secure?

Are the passwords forming patterns on his keyboard secure?

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Used as a means of protecting or limiting access to its resource or service, the password has been a reliable security feature for many people for several years. However, can a logical password still guarantee this security if the patterns that form it appear on the keyboard?

Patterned passwords

You are unable to memorize multiple passwords that you use to ensure the security of your resources when you don't want to leave them lying around on a note block. To solve this problem, you can choose a password forming a pattern on your keyboard. You have a choice of patterns but the most common are geometric patterns in the shape of a round, square, triangle, trapeze, ripple or other. But you can also use your imagination and create the pattern you want.

Patterned passwords are easy to remember

You have several possibilities on the starting point of your pattern but the important thing is that you make sure that this starting point and the shape of the pattern are easy to remember.

Patterned passwords are secure

Did you know that 7-character passwords are decrypted in one day by a hacker, eight characters decryptable in 70 days and 9-character passwords that can be decrypted in 13 years? Patterned passwords are, therefore, more secure if you choose a larger form that can contain multiple characters. The more the password contains several inconsistent characters, the more difficult it is to decipher it when you who know your pattern very well needs to remember the chosen shape and your starting point.

Patterned passwords are reliable

A password forming a pattern on your keyboard is like an expression known to you alone, unlikely to guess and difficult to decipher.

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