Are passwords in a specific order secure?

Are passwords in a specific order secure?

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When it comes to choosing a logical password, you always ask yourself the question of remembering it. The first idea that comes to you is to use a series of numbers or letters positioned in a precise order and easy to remember. Unfortunately we will disappoint you. The layout in a specific order will make it easier to crack your password.

Understand how to crack a password?

In addition to the various "espionage" techniques (social engineering, wiretapping, keylogger, etc.), there are two methods of breaking passwords.

  • Brute force, which consists of trying all possible combinations (several billion possibilities). Of course this is done by robot software, which is unfortunately very easy to get on the web. On the other hand it is a method that can be long, especially if the hacker has standard hardware. It is usually used when the attacker does not have access to his target and is not able to have information about it. By analogy with fishing you could compare it to trawling
  • The "smart" method goes to it, try to get straight to the point to save time. It is similar to underwater hunting and consists of guessing the password using a logical procedure, which in turn seeks to discover a precise order of layout, characters or numbers. It requires having as much information as possible about the person to put yourself in their place (in their head) in order to imagine how they chose their password. So you understand that if you followed a logic, which is to use combinations that make sense to you, the hacker will be able to deduce it based on the information he has collected.

How do I choose a secure password and remember it?

We often see it as advice on the internet, to use a mnemotechnical phrase that is your own so as to easily remember it. This technique is not recommended because it is based on information related to your psychology, which can be known or deduced. Ideally you should choose a succession of numbers, a capital and lower letter and totally random punctuation marks. It's the passwords that have the best resistance. On the other hand, these are the most difficult to remember.
If you work under Mac OS there is an internal program in the system, which is called OS X X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) access kit. It retains for you all the passwords you use and all you have to do is remember the only admin password. For Windows there are similar external programs to install on his computer.

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