How do I create a logic-based password?

How do I create a logic-based password?

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The rules for a reliable password

A good password combines length and complexity. Use at least 8 characters. Put numbers, symbols, and feel free to vary between capital letters and tiny ones.
Change your password often to make your security more secure.

Strong but not practical

The problem with a password being too long and too complex is that you'll have a hard time remembering it. Once selected, you have to use it very often or you may forget it, which is not practical when you have to juggle several passwords or you have to change them often (company login for example). Thus, it is necessary to create a robust password but easy to remember.

Creative logic

You need to follow a logic when creating your password. Indeed, it is easier for a human to memorize "0m1ot-paYsZs" if he created it following a logic. Here, you'll find a mix between "motpass," "01," "YZ" and "–." 01 are two digits that follow each other, YZ the last letter of the alphabet and a special binding character. By mixing these elements logically, the resulting password becomes much easier to remember. This is just one example among an infinite number of possibilities.
When you have to change your password often, or adopt several, changed by character type. In the example of "1m4ot-paYsZs," 01 was changed to 14 (the year in court) and to 'union' (union-link).
By making your imagination and keyboard knowledge work, you can customize great passwords and even enjoy them.

Not to take the lead

Start by writing two sentences: "Good security."
Remove the spaces: "a good security."
Use steno or deliberately misspelling the words. You can also draw inspiration from sms language: "unnebonesécuryT ".

You can finally add numbers or/and special characters (logically chosen) after (not necessarily) your password: "unnebonesécuryT."

Passwords on the keyboard

These so special passwords are they secure, that's what we're trying to determine in this article on the subject.

Passwords in a specific order

Often to build a password, we follow a specific order to create it. Is it really secure?

Other ideas

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