Varie your passwords

Varie your passwords

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While many email accounts, accounts receivables and online payment methods require more passwords, it is essential to change combinations for each of them. Internet security cannot be assured if a single password is used for all uses because it loses its effectiveness.


The unique password is a danger

While this method makes it possible to be sure to remember your password, it is strongly discouraged because a hacking on one of the customer accounts would allow access to all the data by simply using the same passcode. No bulwark would therefore protect any data for lack of anticipation. It is essential to understand that the password is not only a formality but is present to keep secret a certain amount of information that should not be shared with anyone.

For each count created or each space requesting a password, it is imperative to vary the passwords and find a new term that has a particular meaning for the user or a complex alphanumeric combination to be more effective. On another account, using a password with special characters will allow you to have a whole new combination different from the previous ones. Each time a new password is created, it will be a new step in securing its Internet use. Every user of this technology must therefore be prepared to invent as many as possible to build a completely secure world.


Variation is the key to security

Choosing different themes to create your password or taking advantage of completely different inspirations is going to be a way to confuse those who engage in hacking because there will be no real link between each password used by an individual. By doing so, the Internet user will completely avoid the danger and be able to use his various accounts in a much more relaxed way. Using a password manager or saving them to the browser will allow you to remember them every new need so you don't have to reset them with each new connection because you can't remember them.

All the means already exist to allow everyone to use this technique of securing their data by multiplying the passwords so it is imperative that everyone begins to diversify passwords by looking for words that are unrelated to each other and that are not close to keeping their interest. This mode of operation is recommended by experts in the field who witness on a daily basis the number of passwords that are found by hackers and who put to the threat all the information concerning a particular person who has not been able to guard against this type of major risk before. It is all too common for it to be downplayed.

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