Why is Facebook hacking so common?

Why is Facebook hacking so common?

August 31, 2016 Off By admin

Ever since you had a Facebook account, you were afraid you'd get hacked. Indeed, around you, you have already been made to understand that this is quite common! For your part, you wonder what a Facebook hack can be used for. The Password Revelator team explains everything there is to know about this phenomenon.

The Facebook hack: a risk of identity theft for malicious purposes

On social media, the biggest risk is to be impersonating you. Since you're not a celebrity, you're wondering what interest a hacker can find there. In fact, this identity theft is the best way for hackers to spread malware on social networks.

Imagine the following situation: a hacker hacks into your Facebook account. Once they have access to your account, they can spam your contacts by impersoning you. For example, by writing a message asking your contacts to visit a website: your contacts will click on the link and end up on an infested site. In turn, they will unknowingly infest their contacts on Facebook and so on.

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The theft of personal data at the heart of Facebook hacks

Hacking into a Facebook account doesn't just allow you to spread worms and malware. It also allows hackers to steal personal data. While these are important for businesses, so are individuals. A few years ago, few people were still interested in the issue of personal data, but this is less and less the case.

For individuals, the theft of personal data has become a fear. This explains why tips on how to properly secure social networks are so popular.

Protect yourself from the Facebook hack: how to use it

Is it really possible to effectively protect a Facebook account from hacking?Yes absolutely, provided you make good resolutions and apply them as quickly as possible on all of its social networks:

Choose a complex and different password on each website

Take the time to fill in the privacy and security settings on Facebook: it only takes a few minutes and will save you a lot of embarrassment in the future.

Avoid accepting contacts you don't know about on Facebook

Don't click on a link that seems fraudulent, even if it's a friend of yours who sent you the link: prevention is better than cure!

Now you know why it's important to protect yourself from Facebook account hacks: take steps to prevent the spread of viruses and the theft of personal data!

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