How to change your password on Facebook

How to change your password on Facebook

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Changing your password from time to time is necessary to avoid the risk of account hacking and optimize the security of your data. On Facebook in particular, a quarterly or even monthly update is recommended to take advantage of maximum security.

How do I choose the right password on Facebook?

Above all, a good password must be properly formed. You can use mnemotechnical methods to find a high-security password. The technique of the first letters has proven its worth in this area. As the name suggests, it's about keeping the initials in the tiny of a sentence you've personally chosen, along with a memory, a song word or a quote, for example.

The second solution is just as effective. It consists of using the sound of each syllable to develop a sentence. For "I broke a CD," the code would be "gkc1cd."
It's up to you to choose the phrase that is most common to you. Add to that numbers that speak to you or special characters to get a secure code.

Change your password on Facebook, step by step

After you find your password, open your Facebook account.
At the top, to the right of the page, is a small icon representing an arrow pointing downwards. It refers to the account settings. By clicking on it, a feature list will appear, choose "settings." You will then reach the general parameters of your account.
After your name, your username and email address, is the registered password that is valid.
Click on the word "edit." The small questionnaire that will appear will be filled out with the password you just created, your new password, followed by a new entry of the password. Once you've checked it correctly, record the changes to your account.
A message will then be sent to you, notifying you that your security code has been correctly changed.To increase account security, it's a good idea to avoid common passwords like your birthday, the word "password" or the number series that follow each other in increasing or decreasing order.

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