5 methods hackers use to hack your Facebook password

5 methods hackers use to hack your Facebook password

December 9, 2021 Off By admin

It is not uncommon for cybercriminals to try any means to gain access to your Facebook accounts and there are some very simple ways that you probably don’t know.

The hacking Facebook account is something quite common. And the reasons that can motivate a person to do so can range from the personal range to that of making money. Either way, it has a cause that can justify your hack. In this article we will tell you 4 methods very little known by the general public to hack a Facebook account


PASS FINDER is the tool allowing you to display the password of a Facebook account that you are looking for. This technique is the easiest. This only from an email or phone number or username.

Quite simply, this software will exploit database security holes. Do you think you’re safe with your Facebook password? Think again, a password has never been the security of anything.

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Method 2: Online databases

Maybe you don’t know it, but on several online platforms there are huge databases where your login details (ID, passwords) are certainly located. You wonder then how this can be possible? It is very simple. Indeed, the social network Facebook has repeatedly been confronted with huge personal data leaks. And not just Facebook. The same goes for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… In other words, almost all the most commonly used social networks and platforms.

Most often these databases can be consulted free of charge or against the payment of a certain sum which is not usually very high. The cybercriminal just needs to be able to access your information that interests them. And very easily it takes control of your Facebook account.

Method 3: Your Facebook comments

You wonder how it can be possible to get hacked through Facebook comments. Unfortunately for you, this technique is very simple and is almost manipulation. It is not uncommon that in groups that you frequent on Facebook or on any other social network, some people make posts where they invite you to produce certain personal information through games.

Often it is the name of your dog, the name of your first establishment, the name of a friend or a relative or even the birthday… Most often this information can allow you to guess your password. Because many are these users who compose their passwords through personal information of this kind. In addition, if it is not to have direct access to your Facebook account, this information can be used to reset your login details.

Method 4: A keylogger

Also known as Keyloggers, keylogger is a hacker computer program that tracks the keyboard activity of the targeted person.

When installed on the target terminal. Whether it’s a computer or a smartphone, the hacker can then access all of what you type. Then, he will only have to recover the information collected.

Method 5: The 0 day vulnerability exploit

A 0 day vulnerability and a security flaw that generally affects a computer terminal either a computer or a smartphone, and which is not primarily known to the manufacturer. These are generally vulnerabilities that escape any security measures installed on a computer device. As long as they are not discovered by the manufacturer and fulfilled, they are risks that should not be overlooked and taken very seriously, because no antivirus or no security measure can protect you.

Yet people know these vulnerabilities and exploit them without the knowledge of the manufacturer and the user. This allows him to have access to sufficient information contained, generated and transmitted by the computer device. This is also what was highlighted by the Pegasus scandal, Spyware provided by an Israeli company under the name NSO Group, capable of exploiting the 0 day flaws present in the smartphone whether it is Android or iOS to spy on and exfiltrate data. And unfortunately this is just one example among many. There are several ways to exploit a 0 day vulnerability. And on hacker forums there is a black market where this kind of information is sold.

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