2 tips for hacking into a Facebook account

2 tips for hacking into a Facebook account

July 17, 2019 Off By admin

Many people hack Into Facebook accounts, in fact, every second that passes, no less than 10 Facebook accounts are hacked.

Marc Zuckerberg’s company is trying hard to protect its 3 billion users, but hackers are still coming to an end.

Let’s go back a little bit to the origins of these hacks and try to understand why and the interest of hacking a Facebook password.
Facebook is the world’s leading social network with no less than 3 billion users and millions of servers worldwide. As long as the human being is behind this creation, there will be technical vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities.

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Hackers want to access Facebook accounts for a variety of reasons:
– Making jokes
– Spying on your wife, children or family
– Find your lost or forgotten password

Of course, we will consider that if you are interested in hacking a Facebook account, it will be because of the No.3 answer and you can no longer log in to your profile to chat with your friends.
Be aware that even if the password you are trying to hack is very strong and has several characters, it will still be possible to crack it. Facebook server databases are not tamper-free.

Method 1:

There are several hacking solutions on the Internet, but with this advanced method, we will easily understand how to hack a Facebook password.


This application is open source, which means anyone can download and use it. It was designed by a group of hackers who wanted to prove that it was possible to extract passwords associated with a Facebook or Messenger profile without changing the password. There is no limit and anyone can use it.

You can hack the Facebook password from a phone number, email address or login-ID.

1. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, download and install PASS FINDER from its official website: https://www.passwordrevelator.net/en/passfinder
2. Open the software and click “Menu.”
3. From that moment on, the application will offer you several methods of hacking (email, phone or login).
4. Choose the method you like and then click the “OK” button
5. After a few minutes, PASS FINDER will show you on your screen the password associated with the Facebook account you just hacked

The power of PASS FINDER is that it is capable of hacking a Facebook password even if it is protected by dual authentication (2FA).
One very important thing to know is that no one will realize that their password has been hacked. Facebook never warns when someone has a password. So you’ll be able to connect without ever being unmasked!

Method 2:

Detroit is a collaboration between the phone operator and the hacker. Indeed, the hacker will manage to recover the victim’s phone number and then call his phone operator posing as him. So he’s going to get a whole bunch of information to hack his Facebook logins.

What we will explain to you should never be used. We just explain how it works!
1. Find the victim’s account
2. Get your phone number back
3. Call your mobile operator
4. Tell the operator that you have lost your smartphone and that you need a new SIM card.

From the new SIM card, you will be able to connect with the phone number you just stolen from the victim. She won’t realize it but you can log into her Facebook account because you will have a duplicate of her SIM card. Even if dual authentication is enabled, you will be able to get through it because you will receive the code via SMS on your smartphone.

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