Security flaw on The Facebook app for iOS 13 2.2

Security flaw on The Facebook app for iOS 13 2.2

November 15, 2019 Off By admin

It was discovered yesterday, when the Facebook app was used on iPhones running on iOS 13 2.2, the rear camera was automatically activated.

This is a further blow for the social network which promised to fix this flaw using Apple that same day.

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The bug was discovered by several users who reported it on Twitter after noticing that the camera was activated while using the U.S. social network's mobile app. Of course, Facebook tried to reassure its users that it was just a programming error, but that didn't stop the controversy of the social network's spying being put back on the table. Concerns have begun to grow.

According to the facts, users noticed the problem while it was looking at their Facebook news feeder, see the videos the photos. this is how many of the they immediately noticed that in the background, our camera phone was on, without even needing this phone feature.

Joshua Maddox is the first person to report on Twitter, the problem with his Facebook app and iOS. "Found has @facebook #security #privacy way out. When the app is open it actively uses the camera. I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet. He wrote. According to the latter, the same problem occurred on 5 other iPhones that were running on iOS 13 2.2. However, this has not happened on iPhones with iOS 12, however as he says "that doesn't mean the camera isn't active. »

Next Media Web, once warned a attempted to replicate the experiment on

Featuring iOS 13 2.2, and it has proven so far that it's the only version of Apple's operating systems that's affected by The security breach. the media also confirms that this is simply due to the Opening the Facebook app and no other app. on the other hand such an incident has not has been observed on devices running on Android.

Facebook continues to camp on its position and continues to support the fact that it is simply a bug. The vice president of the US firm responsible for the integrity of the social network said on Twitter: "We recently discovered that our iOS app is opening in landscape mode. By correcting this last week in the V246, we inadvertently introduced a bug in which the app partially accesses the camera when you look at a photo. ». He was keen to add that no photos have been uploaded to Facebook since the Bug was discovered. Beyond that, a security fix should be deployed since yesterday.

We remember that Facebook has already been accused of spying on its users through the microphone of their smartphone. In addition, Facebook remains on the back of a penalty amounting to more than $5 billion. Simply put, its reputation for privacy and security of users' personal data is not the best on the market at the moment.

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