Spying on public figures: how did the suspect do it?

Spying on public figures: how did the suspect do it?

January 8, 2020 Off By admin

The Canadian organization Revenue Quebec has decided since December 2019 to end its collaboration with a certain Pascal Desgagnés.

He worked as a temporary consultant for the Quebec tax agency. And for good reason he is suspected of having carried out acts of espionage on the cell phones of several public figures. It was added that he also had access because the National Assembly through its computer system. He is known to have worked with the Desjardins Financial Institute in a movement called the Desjardins movement and the city of Quebec on a set of projects dealing with computer security.

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At the moment, it is difficult to know what kind of information had had access to the latter, as the Quebec tax agency refused to to give more information on this subject. Everything she said about the suspect in question is: "Revenue Quebec has terminated the contractual link whom he was speaking with Pascal Desgagnés, following his arrest and indictment by the Longueuil Metropolitan Police Service, yesterday," geneviève Laurier, the agency's spokeswoman, told the Journal. The objective for Revenues Quebec is not to interfere with the judicial investigation that been engaged following revelations.

According to Eric Parent, an expert in computer security, out of curiosity it was conceivable that the suspect wanted to consult certain information in the files of the tax agency. The idea of curiosity here come in the sense that no one involved in espionage has genuinely suffered financial damage. "Depending on your access, it's almost a certainty that he took a look. He did not shy away from do this with cell phones," explained the CEO of EVA-Technologies, a Computer security company.

It should also be noted that our suspect, Pascal Desgagnés, exercised also as an external consultant to the National Assembly in the field of it's a computer. There, too, the access he had to the computer system have all been removed. "My information is that his computer access were very limited. We are currently conducting audits," said Julie Champagne, the Spokesperson for the National Assembly. On this side, too, the man was unable to to have information about the nature of the documents that they might or may not have listened to because the doubt still remains. On the firm's side Fujitsu, it seems that he also worked as a consultant Quebec City from 2011 to 2012. David O'Brien, Spokesman City stated: "It was mandated on management systems for project as a Sharepoint specialist.He did not have access to the systems Sensitive City data."

For the time being it should be noted that these are just suspicions. the investigation is ongoing, although there are several indications that who is surely guilty of spying on these public figures. Currently, only Revenue Quebec has asserted a grievance against the latter.

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