The first 6 months of cybersecurity in 2020 according to BitDefender

The first 6 months of cybersecurity in 2020 according to BitDefender

June 9, 2020 Off By admin

Today, the issue of cybersecurity is something undeniable.

No institution, no individual can deny the true scope of this aspect of the development of new technologies. Many organizations have discovered computer security at their own expense, often after many errors. Errors that resulted in damage to standards in financial losses.

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However, "While many companies have security solutions to protect their network and sensitive information, most discover – too late – that this is not enough, especially after suffering a data breach. ». Noted Fabrice Le Page, Marketing Manager, Field – Channel – France, Maghreb – West Africa at Bitdefender. Indeed, the concept of good security policy varies from company to company. While some on one side, others take the issue very seriously, demonstrating this interest each time through security policy implementations, increased controls and even Bug Bounty programs. On the other hand, unfortunately, some people see cybersecurity as a piece of baggage, a requirement imposed on them by current legislation. This usually results in the bare minimum time of deployment of security measures, with infrastructure needed only.

As Fabrice Le Page said: "When it comes to cybersecurity, proactive measures are always preferable because in the long run they save a lot of time. However, practice shows that some companies are discovering the value of cybersecurity at their own expense, after making mistakes that have caused incidents and cost them dearly. ». As a result, so-called proactive measures can be seen apprehended in several forms. One example is the adoption of complex computer security measures to protect the entire computer system. We are referring here to terminals, connected objects, cloud service, etc. In addition, one of the most recommended proactive measures is the training of employees and managers in the face of the various dangers of cyber malice. One could also cite the definition of a strategy of securing systems through regular security updates, where the definition of a security protocol in a situation of system violation.

One of the advances in the management of information systems has been the entry into force of general data protection regulations, a European standard, which obliges companies to comply with a minimum of security measures when managing a personal data set.

On the other hand, in defining the security strategy, companies generally face two types of problems: on the one hand the financial cost and on the other, the lack of skilled labour. "Some companies don't have the budgets to fully protect themselves, especially when their needs go beyond the traditional protection of Endpoints and also need to secure virtualized environments, for example. In addition, qualified staff are essential to implement and maintain an effective security strategy on a company's network. These staff are rare and expensive. ». In addition, then very difficult for some companies especially SMEs and mid-sized companies to be able to build their defenses solidly, something that today has become literally a necessity. Indeed, with the health crisis that has plunged the world into a rather unusual situation. A situation that has met thousands of employees to work remotely, thus expanding in an exceptional way, the area of attacks of cyber criminals.

As the basis of any security policy, it would be interesting for companies to focus much more on preventing computer attacks. Because detecting incidents by taking can minimize the damage that could cause violation if they reach a critical threshold. "And if we have to choose between prevention and visibility, the focus should always be on preventing violations. Most cyberattacks are aimed at stealing information, such as customer data or intellectual property. points out the BitDefender expert.

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