The National Bank of the Cayman Islands, victim of computer hacking and data leak

The National Bank of the Cayman Islands, victim of computer hacking and data leak

November 22, 2019 Off By admin

The national bank of the Cayman Islands was a victim of computer hacking which led to the dissemination of several customer data.

This criminal act is the work of a group of hackers who have been named Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDOS). THE MEDIA, they are THE FACTS of a GIGAS CENTAINE OF GIGAS data from the bank's servers.

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This group of hackers claims to be aiming to create a circle of free transmission of all general data closing a public interest. "We aim to avoid any political, corporate or personal tendencies and to act as a simple beacon for the dissemination of available information," says DDOS. As a collective, we do not support any cause, idea or message other than to ensure that information is available to those who need it most. ». This group since 2018 has embarked on this quest to make public any kind of information that can make noise, as was the case with the dissemination of important data from the NSA.

Among the information stolen from the National Bank of the Cayman Islands could be about 600,000 emails, several hundred administrative documents, and ultimately a manifesto signed by the DDOS hackers. even if the manifesto refers to difficulties related to society in politics, there is a problem of contradiction when one reads the beginning message. Indeed, the pirate group was looking into the case of a computer anarchist named Jeremy Hammond, who was reportedly convicted and imprisoned for participating in the hacking and disclosure of data from the Stratford company. The latter would have served his sentence yet to 10 years in prison, and would even plead guilty in order to avoid any cooperation with the authorities of justice, so as not to be obliged to denounce these colleagues.

Among the documents published by the hackers, some were about 3,000 offshore accounts belonging to companies and individuals. there were many bank accounts that were based in several geographical areas such as the Isle of Man (island located between England and Northern Ireland), Cyprus, Belize, Gibraltar, and and the Caimans. we then find ourselves facing a second Panama Papers. But what also seems surprising is that the Twitter account of the hacker group is still active, no authority has seen fit to ask for its closure or even to demand it.

For its part, the bank made a statement that did confirm the theft but gave certain details: "National Bank Cayman (Isle of Man) Limited, as well as its sister company, Cayman National Trust (Isle of Man) Limited, were victims of data hacking (…) All Of the Cayman National's operations in the Cayman Islands, including NBC, are separate and distinct operations from the Isle of Man Bank. The two banks do not share the same systems, databases, customer information or messaging platforms. The theft concerns only Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited and Cayman National Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited and does not affect CNB or any other transactions in the Cayman Islands. ».

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