US giant Google and the U.S. Department of Justice neck-and-neck

US giant Google and the U.S. Department of Justice neck-and-neck

September 8, 2019 Off By admin

For some time now, the U.S. Department of Justice has demanded that digital giant Google provide a number of documents as part of an investigation it is conducting, the main protagonists of which are those same digital firms.

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seemingly the U.S. Department of Justice is interested in the activities of these major web groups as well as practices in areas such as competition.

if the department had not accurately stated what the targeted companies, in its actions it is clear that it appears to be mainly to look at GAFA, i.e. Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook. "We have responded to many questions on these issues for many years, in the United States and on many aspects of our business model, so this is not the case. not new for us (…) The Ministry of Justice has asked us to provide information on these past investigations (…). We have always worked constructively with regulators and we will continue. Google said in a statement.

respondent to a rumor that was circulating about a soon-to-be-investigated launched as part of the antitrust case, Google officials responded, "We expect prosecutors to generals ask similar questions. ».

he noted that in recent times a coalition of different US states have decided to ensure through an antitrust investigation the proper management of the personal data produced by users of the major web groups. For now it is Facebook that is paying the price for this procedure and it on the table investigators. some so, Google is also waiting its turn because it is estimated that it will not be long. It is for this reason that he assures "working constructively with regulators. while ensuring that authorities do not forget that Google is "one of the world's largest investors in research and development, which stimulate innovation: things that were science fiction a few years ago years are now free for all"

the key points of the investigation would include confidentiality personal data, privacy and privacy processing and user information-sharing systems by users silicon Valley giants.

On the matter we must admit that many things to check. It is not uncommon for all these web companies to be repeatedly accused without a real and precise view of what they are also doing. The user's personal data is at stake as well as the individual's own life. This action by the U.S. states coincides with the meetings that the federal government has initiated with the giant differences of the web with a view to them in organizing certain aspects of the upcoming elections. Will it be possible to reconcile the general interest with the special interest at this level. However, what will happen as a result of the investigations, it is proven that these web giants are indeed at fault when it comes to the management of their users' personal data?

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