The data of former customers stolen, Koodo was hacked

The data of former customers stolen, Koodo was hacked

March 12, 2020 Off By admin

It has just been learned that Koodo, a subsidiary of Telus, a company providing low-cost telephone services for a relatively young target, has been the victim of computer hacking.

According to the latest information from the company itself, an "unauthorized person" accessed his computer system intrusively and managed to steal information that dated back to about 2017 precisely in August and September. Customer-owned information, which consisted mainly of account numbers and certain references.

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The facts behind the Discovery of this security problem comes at a time when the cybercriminal has tried to "de-criminalize sell the information online" as it could be read in a letter electronically sent to the company's subscribers.

According to Koodo, all people affected by this data leak in the summer warned as soon as possible to allow them to take the necessary precautions. At least that's what stated by the firm's spokesperson, Jacinthe Beaulieu.

At the moment it's not clear how many people have been affected by this computer problem. however During the day yesterday, several customers showed up on the network Twitter by challenging the company through its official twitter account and showing concern about the potential consequences of this data leakage. According to a community manager in the company: "All affected customers will be contacted."

For its part, Koodo's parent company, TELUS, contacted the authorities regarding the security incident.

According to Jim Senko, the President Telus Mobility, the one who took charge and personally informed the affected customers: "Some customers may have been at risk of unauthorized transfer of their number." However, he noted the fact that that the company has put in place a system that will protect victims of data leak in case the cybercriminal attempts to defraud by using their information. "To prevent this from happening, we have activated transfer protection on your behalf. Protection from transfers is a function that prevents anyone from transferring a phone to another telecommunications company without us first call. (…) We have evidence that the unauthorized third party is trying to sell online information," he explains. However: "Thanks to the protection against transfer, we believe that your information does not will not be used for fraudulent purposes," he tries to reassure. "Be assured that we take this situation very seriously (…) We regret sincerely any inconvenience this situation might cause you and we hope to continue to serve you in the future. »

"I don't feel safe," said a client of the company named Michel Patry, despite the various statements made by Koodo officials. "When I saw the letter, I thought, "It doesn't look good. Yet another data leak! I have to notify the media. (…) After the data leak at Desjardins last year, I thought the companies understood. But now I realize that's really not the case. ». The latter has notified the fact that it is considering switching suppliers.

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