Bolloré group attacked by ransomware

Bolloré group attacked by ransomware

May 25, 2020 Off By admin

The French group Bolloré, which is in the energy, communication, logistics and transport sectors, is the victim of a cyber attack.

Hackers with access to the french-40-year-old giant's information systems have issued a six-day ultimatum for the giant to give in to their blackmail.

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As we already know, this kind of computer incident is nothing new. Blackmail is certainly based on the holding of sensitive information apartment to the group, whose refusal to blackmail will cause disclosure on the Internet, or the company sees its information system taken hostage by a ransom program.

The group of cyber criminals behind the incident calls themselves Net Walker, literally translating the walkers from the net. This group became famous after carrying out several malicious actions targeting different companies, by disseminating sensitive information on the internet their apartments. Among these first victims were the London finance company Barbizon Capital and the American 02 Micro No company, which operates in the energy sector. But for some time now, the walkers of the net have decided to put this back by giving it to two French companies. The first is Porcher Industries, a company specializing in the production of industrial fabrics, which can be used for aerospace equipment. While cybercriminals have not shown any leads about the scale of their attack, it is also increasingly starting to disseminate certain information as evidence of their success, including Excel files on paid leave and others on passwords. "Stolen data that seems to run from 2013 to May 12, 2020 according to the screenshots of the master singers. The hackers gave this company 9 days to pay a ransom of which I could not get the amount. Net Walker's master singers are threatening to release all of the stolen data. explains Damien Bancal, founder of

Moreover, the second French company in the clutches of the "NET walkers" is none other than the Bolloré group. One of the most influential companies in the French economy and in activities extend into various fields such as energy communication logistics and transport. It has nearly 84,000 employees in 129 countries and is among the 500 largest companies in the world. "In the data that the hackers started to disseminate, I could see invoices, files such as "Cocktail," "March 2020 Credit Committee," "Customer Bill Scans" or information called "Embassy" or "Dieudonné." The choice of the dissemination of the first documents released seems to be thought of by the hackers. I will not mention the protagonists, but an invoice to buy computer equipment, with a giant of Telecoms, seems to me manipulative. ». Written Damian Bancal.

Cyber criminals, meanwhile, are threatening to publish more sensitive files on 30 May as the French group does not bow to their request.

However, in this story, it is not only these two French companies that are targeted by the same hackers. Recent victims include German company Weiz and Italian ready-to-wear company Colmar. For the latter, the documents leaked by the hackers date from May 20, 2020.

While cybercriminals have taken control of the information systems of these different companies, the fact remains that no longer seeks to monetize the decryption of file machines. They know it doesn't work anymore. But it simply relies on the fear of disclosing information that is necessarily confidential for such large companies. And to carry out their campaign, "These hackers have fully automated their unhealthy process. The files are already uploaded to the web. The download link and password dedicated to the leak appear with the countdown present in front of each victim! explained the founder of

For his part, Bolloré did recognize the attack. This incident would have been produced from 14 May via the group's subsidiary computer system, in the transport and logistics sector based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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