MGM hotels, victims of a data leak

MGM hotels, victims of a data leak

February 25, 2020 Off By admin

In a recent statement, the MGM hotel group acknowledged that it had been leaked data.

This would include exactly information belonging to approximately 10.6 million of their customers. For a certain amount of time all this data was available on the Internet. It was on a hacking forum that this data was discovered this week. The data that has been published consists of information about tourists, regular travelers, CEOs of companies, celebrities or personalities very popular around the world. It also contains information on members of governments.

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The authenticity of the data that leaked on this forum hackers has been confirmed by specialists, including the expert cybersecurity firm that designed this famous service will help to be informed real-time data leaks on the Internet, the Under the Breach.

the analyses have shown that there are exactly 10,683,188 customers affected by this data leak. In the published file, one could have access to names, phone numbers, personal addresses, email addresses, and even dates of birth. What may seem to be troubling in this case is the fact that could have access to their various actions and dates of passage in the hotels concerned. For its part, the MGM Resorts hotel group has notified that all these customers who affected by this data leak have been informed, and recommendations were made to them to take steps to prevent this matter from more damaging than it already is.

It also meant that this disclosure of customers has not been possible because of a security incident that occurred in his system only last year. In the words of the spokesperson: " Last summer, we discovered unauthorized access to a cloud server which contained a limited amount of information from former MGM customers Resorts (…) We are convinced that no financial data, payment or password was not disclosed in this case. ». in short the hotel group is trying to reassure. If he has meant that no information financial nature has been stolen by hackers, no less than vulnerability a date from last year. In this regard, MGM Resorts stated that it had come into contact with two companies to conduct an internal investigation to determine the the cause of this first incident. "At MGM Resorts, we take it very seriously our responsibility to protect customer data, and we have enhanced and improved the security of our network to prevent this from happening Again. says the hotel chain.

In addition, the company also meant that the data disclosed were old and showed little real interest, however, it should be noted that several prominent figures have been affected by this data leak. one including star Justin Bieber, DHS CEO and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey…

The company that discovered the data leak, Under the Breach, believes that this data leak should be taken as quite sensitive.

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