Private companies face vulnerabilities in connected objects

Private companies face vulnerabilities in connected objects

February 27, 2020 Off By admin

Extreme Networks, Inc., a network solution provider, conducted a recent study on connected objects and enterprise IT security.

This study revealed a sad reality. Indeed, companies remain vulnerable to security problems related to connected objects despite all the awareness.

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During the analysis, Extreme Networks was confronted with 84% of companies who all admitted to having a connected object device within their professional network. Despite this, only 70% of them are aware of the risk of deploying such a device. Even worse, half of these companies do not have strong enough security measures to protect them from computer attacks being limited simply to the use of passwords. "The adoption of IoT by businesses, coupled with the rapid rise of cloud and edge computing, is massively expanding the area of attack. However, the biggest cybersecurity threat today is inertia," said David Coleman, director of product marketing at Extreme Networks. The aim of an expert is to highlight the idea that danger is gaining ground and with each passing day, more companies are increasingly exposed to it. Extreme Networks then concluded at the end of its study:

1- 50% of corporate infrastructure does not inspire trust their leaders themselves in network security.

2- 90% of IT security professionals acknowledge that they are not sure that their different infrastructures can withstand an attack or any other breach of their network.

3- The issue of cybersecurity continues to worry IT officials. In fact, 89% of them have made no secret of their fear of a potential computer attack on their network.

4- The same concern about computer security affects 88% of health care professionals and 86% in the utilities sector

5- The education sector is the sector that is not affected by this trend of cyber security. This has been the case since the beginning of 2019. if some communities have succumbed to an upsurge in attacks, central public institutions have been spared.

6- Businesses tend to underestimate threats 55% of security professionals, the majority of security professionals violations would come from the outside. However, threats that are caused by internal practices cause much more damage

"The data from our study show that, across all sectors, IT professionals do not have confidence in the security of their own network. Yet many organizations continue to rely on the same security tools they have used for decades. In the face of the pervasiveness of the threat, it is essential that companies demand multilayered network security solutions specifically designed for today's hybrid enterprise," concludes Coleman.

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