Hackers looking for security vulnerabilities to exploit

Hackers looking for security vulnerabilities to exploit

June 7, 2020 Off By admin

Nowadays, the slightest security breach is a tantalizing opportunity for cyber-prisoners.

They are on the lookout for every opportunity to storm any vulnerable system. "The slightest crisis, however small, is used by hackers to gather information on weakened targets. To date, many companies are not yet able to support a sudden and massive digital migration to the homes of their employees. Described Antoine Burande of the Security Club.

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Today, the pandemic caused by coronavirus is a very exploitable springboard for cyber criminals. Because of the anxious climate it has created, Covid-19 serves as a mirage for cyber criminals. They use it to initiate more attacks, and they are successful. As a result, computer security specialists have observed a significant increase in computer attacks since the disease explosion. Their objectives, seizing computer networks, stealing confidential information, etc. With the development of telework and the demands of population containment, the area of attacks has increased according to experts. "In an ultra-connected world, the slightest crisis, no matter how small, is used by hackers to gather information about weakened targets. The people targeted by these attacks are telework employees on various secure or secure networks. Antoine Burande noted.

Today, it must be admitted, a large part of the companies are not able to support technically and financially the migration to remote work imposed by the global health situation. While in a sense, companies' digital resources, that is, all the data they generate, transfer or use, turn out to be an invaluable treasure for cyber criminals, an invaluable treasure that will never cease to want to seize it. The lack of awareness on this subject can be more than damaging for these entities with high economic value. Because all means are good for cyber criminals to succeed in taking control of information systems. To illustrate our point, it was noted by the Thalès group, which specializes in computer security, that fraudulent applications (traking and tracking) directly or indirectly related to coronavirus have multiplied in recent months. Barracuda Networks, a security solutions provider, has seen a 667% jump in attacks based on spear phishing, a variant of phishing. And all these attacks have in common, the same point: the use of CoviD-19 disease as a starting point. Antoine Burande noted: "These attacks are becoming more sophisticated and use for many of them the blackmail or hijacking of conversations including private information. The goal is always the same: the theft of personal data, identifiers and extortion. The compromise of information that passes between the different players of a company can be fatal for the company. ».

Several IT security companies have reported the growing development of cyber-malicious acts and the insistence on computer attacks. Targets vary by interest. In recent months, health agencies including hospitals, laboratories, and even WHO (the World Health Organization) have been the most targeted. Medical data are apparently worth a lot more given the current context. The main targets are generally located in Europe, the United States, Iran. "In light of this alarming finding, it is necessary to highlight the training of their employees and security officials to avoid these recurring incidents that are often costly to the company. Not to mention that phishing vulnerabilities are primarily human, which is why it is first necessary to conduct a large communication campaign against cyber-attacks in order to inform each employee of the dangers to which he may be subjected. Antoine Burande concluded.

In addition, while the pandemic has led to the explosion of cyberattacks around the world, experts have not stopped warning about the Coronavirus period. Returning to the office of employees after months of telework is seen as the door open to a second cyberattack epidemic that is likely to be widespread.

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