Protecting personal data to the test of the coronavirus pandemic

Protecting personal data to the test of the coronavirus pandemic

March 26, 2020 Off By admin

The most popular words today are coronavirus, covid-19 and containment.

But beyond that, it is a reflex, a reality that unfortunately hits the world head-on, and means restriction, it is afraid of disease. However, it has a key issue to raise. Being confined, individuals are increasingly using digital services. Internet, connected objects, smartphones and computers. Internet traffic has skyrocketed lately. It is therefore appropriate to consider an aspect that very easily goes unnoticed in this kind of period. Protecting users' personal data.

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already before the coronavirus this problem was really serious is puzzle. Data leaks were never lacking and violations had almost become commonplace. With this situation, for user who uses digital services twice as much, what about ? The protection of personal data then becomes essential on which we have to decide quickly.

among information most exposed to cybercrime, there is no information other than health data are on the front line. Closely monitoring business-related data due to the rapidly expanding telework.

during experts discuss the scope of the general data regulation in these times of crisis, some people have appealed to authorities to make it clear that the fight against coronavirus is not in cases that are incompatible with compliance with the rules in force. As a result, the coronavirus should not be an excuse for the public authority to wear infringement of everyone's digital right. On the other hand, it does not it should not obscure the fact that, in provision 46 of the General Regulations, Personal Data (RGPD) allows specific data processing people when circumstances are exceptional natures. in other terms: "important public interest and interests the person concerned, for example when the treatment is necessary for humanitarian purposes, including to monitor epidemics and their propagatio[…]n."

the data processing affected by recital 46.

In this context it can be legitimately assumed that the data that might be affected by special treatment, in our current situation are mainly health data. However, considered to be a sensitive data, SA collects and its treatment falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the public authority. The National Commission for Computer Science and Freedoms even meant this in one of its notes, that it is prohibited, at the risk of heavy penalties, all private structures, have no right: "to systematically and generalizedly collect, or through individual investigations and requests, information relating to the search for possible symptoms presented by an employee/agent and his relatives."

A prerogative that remains exclusive to health authorities who can then afford to "assess and collect information on the symptoms of coronavirus and information on the recent movements of certain people are the responsibility of these public authorities."

However, an exception must be raised. The general regulation of personal data applies only in Europe. As a result, when your data is generated and collected on platforms that do not have a base in Europe, treatment management will automatically escape the European authorities. It is for this reason it is recommended, to pay attention to the use of technologies, Internet and platform, whatever their natures.

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