Ransomware, computer programs to fear in the first degree

Ransomware, computer programs to fear in the first degree

January 19, 2020 Off By admin

After 2019, no one can truly deny the typing power of ransomware.

After all these hacking campaigns that have targeted cities, municipalities and even health institutions, it is clear that ransomware is arguably the most dangerous malware of the moment. But what do we really know about this malicious computer virus.

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Is there a way to get rid of it or to protect yourself from it?

in referring to the attack suffered by the Rouen University Hospital in November 2019, this is what that can be said of it. On November 15, 2019, the Computer System of the University Hospital Rouen suffers a stroke which totally paralyzes him. Precisely at 7:45 p.m., all software and other computer programs are out of use. You can't access any terminal there is no medical data. The service is inaccessible, forcing the hospital staff to use methods for a period of time archaic, i.e. using digital word tools. It's the return to paper management. But what exactly is going on? Chu staff realize that access to medical data from the hospital is fully encrypted by a malicious program of CryptoLocker ransomware type.

For this purpose a ransom is demanded. Hackers want the hospital to pay them €300,000 for them to agree to give him the key to decipher the access to its computer data. As a result, it is possible infer that the ransomware is not nothing but a computer program, whose functionality and take control of the systems computers through a varied mode of infection, requires for the release of systems held hostage the ransom payment. Clearly when a ransomware takes control of a computer for example, files are fully encrypted preventing the user from accessing it. And this will only be possible when this will have to pay a ransom demanded by the hacker behind this program

In a way generally, there are two types of ransoming programs. First of all, it has what is called the Locker ransomware. It allows the hacker to restrict the use of terminal that is infected by the owner. In fact, the latter will not be able to use keyboard neither the mouse nor no direct functionality computer. However, the files it contains will not be encrypted. The second type of program ransomware is the Crypto ransomware that allows it to encrypt user of the infected system. However, it will not restrict the use of terminal. On the other hand, it is a program can combine these two features, so we are talking about CryptoLocker, as was the case with the Rouen University Hospital.

How can we protect ourselves from this?

You have to be honest, there are no 2 100% effective prevention means, but it is possible to reduce your risk to this type of malware to more than 50%. To begin with, all staff will need to be educated. Indeed, as the practice says, one should not connect with the company's network with personal account or open e-mails from unknown or unknown recipients. Devices outside the business computer system should not be used. Indeed all that there is like USB sticks, mobile phones, or personal computers are natures to infect the company system.

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