The phishing site: a continuous proliferation

The phishing site: a continuous proliferation

January 3, 2021 Off By admin

Users of digital services will never be safe from phishing.

At least not at the moment. According to estimates by computer security experts, cyber-malveillance practice has experienced a significant boom especially in 2020. We are talking about a record number.

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The American web giant Google with its powerful search engine, has managed to detect nearly 2 million websites typically formulated for phishing. A figure more than surprising. In particular, this can be understood by the health crisis that shook the world during 2020. A health crisis must be remembered, which has led to a much more massive use of computer security solutions. An update that has greatly enabled cybercriminals to be able to fine-tune their cyber-malveillance strategy to the best of their ability.

According to the American company, it was possible to detect nearly 18 million attackers per day. As a school case, there is the Doctolib site that has been booby-trapped by scammers.

In its latest "Google Transparency Report and statistical", published on November 27, the 4-color company is likely to be alarmed about phishing and phishing practices. The company claims to have detected nearly 46,000 phishing websites per week. The first half of 2020 is a pretty interesting time for hackers. During this period Google observed 58,000 phishing attacks per week. During the second half of the year, these attacks fell somewhat, falling to the 42-mile mark per week.

The root cause of this increase in computer attacks is nothing more than the rather massive shift to remote collaboration. Cybersecurity experts have confirmed that the increase in attacks coincides well with the period of containment and therefore telework. This period as dollars mentioned above, it is confirmed with a fairly massive use of computer. The majority of users are not up to date on the right methods for healthy use of IT solutions. In this context, cyber malice has literally doubled in intensity. The large flow generated by this migration to high-intensity digital tools encourages hackers to develop more and more attacks and malicious practices.

"The panic of the pandemic and the it insecurity involved due to the increase in Internet use but also the panic caused by the pandemic, users are no longer vigilant enough, especially in terms of computer security. Google says. "It's important to get security and compliance to protect emails, data and users. Unverified downloads or online purchases and orders on any type of site are among the open doors to phishing and all types of Internet scams. In March 2020, concerns about the increase in telework-related computer attacks were addressed. ».

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