The security solution offered by public cloud providers is favoured by companies

The security solution offered by public cloud providers is favoured by companies

July 6, 2020 Off By admin

The extended software-defining network still known as SD-WAN has been observed as the technology most used by companies to centralize the management of their network infrastructure.

This is in a context where companies tend to focus on security solutions that are clearly integrated into the public cloud.

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As you probably know, companies that are increasingly connected feel the need to manage network transmissions through connectivity that presents the character of fluidity and security during exchanges. This is what the SD-WAN proposes, at least by referring to companies, and their preference for it.It would then allow them to be able to centrally manage their entire computer and network system. In addition, it has the merit of reducing to some extent the costs dedicated to the operation of infrastructure. It also has the advantage of increasing application performance. It is surely in view of this, that the extensive network of software definition has gradually established itself as the preferred abstraction technology of companies that seek despite certain requirements to minimize the costs of investment towards the switching of cloud service, and operator links.

This was highlighted by a recent study published by the company specializing in the provision of security solutions Barracuda Networks. The study was titled "Secure SD-WAN: The Launch Pad into the Cloud." It was carried out by a firm on behalf of the cybersecurity company. The firm is called Vanson Bourne, and focuses on the questioning of nearly 750 it and information system security managers, located mainly in Asia-Pacific and the United States. The people approached in this study are certainly those who have great responsibilities and above all a great knowledge of the cloud infrastructure of their respective companies.

In this report, the cybersecurity company explains that while the adoption of the public cloud is something that is growing, the main problem that most often hinders companies in their advance is the issue of security. This is because of the growing and varied number of threats that only pose to them. Its results can be remembered in a few lines:

– The transition from IT infrastructure to the cloud over the next 5 years has been predicted to change from 45% to 76%.

– Information systems officials are much more concerned about the issue of security. For them this is the main reason that slows the adoption of the cloud. Indeed, according to 7 out of 10 organizations, the issue of cybersecurity, that is, the scale of cyber threats, the security of applications are among the most important elements that make the transition to the cloud even longer.

– In addition to security, network integration is the second most important concern. Experts are always looking for the best way to integrate certain technologies that already exist for the private cloud into the public cloud.

"In a context of growing public cloud deployments and security fears, SD-WAN appears to be the ultimate integrated solution. According to respondents to the above survey, 74% of companies have already deployed the SD-WAN or plan to do so within the next 12 months. When asked about their preference for SD-WAN delivery, 50% of respondents preferred solutions from public cloud providers. In the United States and APAC, simplicity and knowledge are the determining factors in acquisition. In the EMEA region, the priority is to obtain tailored solutions or better prices. Mourad Krim, Journalist and IT reporter.

For vendors that have adopted this technology, we have Microsoft Azure, which is most appreciated by businesses (45%) followed by Amazon web services, which is the choice of 30% of companies and third place GCP chosen by 20%.

When it comes to femininity security and usability, Microsoft's cloud gets the highest score on the market. Especially since security is the main issue to solve, Azure ranks as the most on-the-shelf platform in the cloud sector.

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