Tips for securing your Internet connection

Tips for securing your Internet connection

August 10, 2019 Off By admin

In today's article, we'll give you tips to help you make your internet access safe.

There are various solutions that we will mention:

Hacking a WiFi key

To test its WiFi key or if you don't remember it, you can download PASS WIFI. This application allows you to hack any password as quickly as possible by logging on to the access protecting the router's passwords.

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Use VPNs

The acronym VPN means "Virtual Private Network." The use of the VPN is to go through a private network that will ensure that you a secure connection. The goal of a VPN is to ensure that you go unnoticed on the internet. Anonymity in other words because you will surf with a different IP address than the real one.

To do this, choose VPN software there are some which are free of charge others paid. Then you will have the choice of a country from which you'll connect to. In this way, your terminal will pass through the servers of the country you will select and you will appear located other than your home.

In practice, use of VPN presents quite a bit more. In addition to navigating invisibly, you will be able to access sites that would normally only be accessible to you. Use of VPN will act for you as a protection of your internet access and will secure you against some computer attacks. This is one of the best solutions to make its access to the internet safe.

Install Antivirus on your devices

A good antivirus will allow you to secure not not only your device, but also your internet access against any attack. Flaws are common in systems, protection programs overcome this problem. But pay attention to your choice antivirus. Otherwise it could be a problem for you.

change regularly your login credentials

When setting up your device or WiFi network, there are certain steps you shouldn't overlook. In principle the company that provides you with your internet access will offer you access in any measure secured either by a WPA or WEP security key If you have a choice, opt for the second which is more secure and harder to hack. However, no system is foolproof. So don't forget it

As a result, be in the habit of changing the chosen security key as often as possible. Also think about using a difficult key with multiple characters. In addition, it is also advisable to change the name of your WiFi to make it more difficult for you to access fraudulent access to your device.

Use parental control software

If you're thinking of finding a way to secure your internet access, in order to limit the connection of different content to your children, you can use parental control software.

These apps will help you protect your internet network whether it's ADSL or WiFi. They will limit its access to sites or services by planning time periods to allow use for your children. It's a pretty effective solution that simple to change the password, because some of your pretty smart kids will easily discover the new password by rummaging through the settings!

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