BitDefender discovers security flaw on Intel's microprocessors

BitDefender discovers security flaw on Intel's microprocessors

August 10, 2019 Off By admin

Today's article will still refer to the discovery of a system flaw.

Cybersecurity firm BitDefender, known for the effectiveness of its defense and computer protection programs, reported a flaw on Wednesday, particularly on Wednesday, which it described as "major."

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This discovery took place on the latest tools of the computer component giant, Intel. The U.S. firm's microprocessors are effectively affected, according to BitDefender of a vulnerability that would undermine the security of the receiving devices. The scope of this would apparently be limited to terminals running under Microsoft's operating system, of course it's Windows.

The microprocessor flaw mainly concerns a feature that has the particularity of increasing the efficiency of microprocessors, their responsiveness singularly, which allows it to anticipate the instructions of users. These operations are not without traces that can be retrieved and used by people who have access to the computer and who will know how to use it. Very usually for malicious purposes.

Hackers could easily decipher the information that will store in the memory of the core of the system. So it may involve login credentials or bank data. As one of BitDefender's vice-presidents, Gavin Hill, explains: "Criminals would be able to uncover the most critically protected information of businesses and individuals, but also to carry out theft, blackmail, sabotage and espionage operations."

According to BitDefender's experts, hackers were able, during the time, the loophole ran, to take advantage to get the most out of it, such as stealing confidential data contained in the affected terminals. Worse, all microprocessors produced by Intel since 2012 would also be affected by this flaw, according to the assertions of a research director of the computer security firm, Bogdan botezatu.

In a paper published by Red hat, Intel's microprocessor would not be the only ones affected by this flaw. Apparently, those produced by amD would also be affected. Remember that this is not the first time that a flaw in the microprocessors. Indeed, the tools of manufacturers such as AMD and AMR have also been at the heart of security breaches in 2018 called Spectrum and Meltdown.

For its part AMD to say in an official statement that it was well informed of the discoveries of the company BitDefender but that in its opinion, it did not concern their microprocessors according to what Forbes magazine reports on its website.

The computer security company says it has detected the microprocessor flaw and has been working with Intel to correct the failure since then. According to the statement, since July, patches to the flaw have begun to be deployed in Windows terminals via the latest updates.

As a result, Windows urges all users with a device that works with an Intel or AMD chip to rush to update their devices. The update is available.

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