The United States preyed on ransomware

The United States preyed on ransomware

August 28, 2019 Off By admin

in 2019, the trend in the U.S. in terms of computer attack is surely ransom program.

Indeed, more than 40 American communities have been the victims of ransomware attacks in recent times. The main cities are Albany and Baltimore.

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one small town in the state of Texas as well as others are in a state of paralysis of system for several days. There are 22 small towns have suffered from this surge in cybercrime. Neighbouring State, Canada also confirmed that it had been affected by this wave of piracy. In the process, several other cities are taking over these ransom programs. According to information, it is required to pay ransom amounting to 2 million U.S. dollars.

According to authorities in charge, it could be the same group of hackers which is the cause of all these cascading hacks. For the first time, at the moment there is no clues, it does not make it possible to trace back to these.

two U.S. Midwestern cities, Keene and Broger have officially acknowledged that they have victims of this ransom program. He assures that it is impossible to have access to some of the public services online. Practically all computer systems are blocked in particular, that of the police water treatment plant or even the library. This case worry and a solution but not on track. The attack was effective the only thing that victims have access to is a blue screen where it appears: "all your files are encrypted."

in The city of Kaufman, it is the telephony and computer services that are blocked. At the moment we do not have more details on what is going on there. the authorities informed that a deployment was under way and that they would do everything they could to immediate outcome.

for authorities in the cities under attack say they have no intention of pay the ransoms demanded. However, last month, the City of Salt Lake city had agreed to pay the sum of 460,000 U.S. dollars to the pirates computers because they feel it costs less than rebuilding the system if it was damaged. They took the example on the case of the city Atlanta who had refused to pay the $51,000 ransom and who by the result spent about $7 million repairing the system complete computer science.

at Canada the threat is even greater. Because small communities have had to to protect against such attacks. "Small municipalities are quite poor and have little infrastructure to deal with such attacks. Their teams security systems are very small and have fairly limited financial means, so be they pay, or they lose a lot of data," explained the expert Computer security of the Duke of Computer Security Research Chair Canada, Benoit Dupont.

As in the United States, some cities have also agreed to pay the ransom in Canada because they cannot find solutions to combat these cyberattacks. The solution is still pending, the hackers continue to crack down. The authorities, on the other hand, are always looking for solutions to minimize the impacts of this kind of phenomenon.

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