Google Drive users exposed to hackers through security breach

Google Drive users exposed to hackers through security breach

September 25, 2020 Off By admin

The information fell over the last week.

Users of Google's cloud storage service, the Google Cloud, are exposed to potential cyberattacks. The reason: a security flaw that would allow cyber criminals to easily spread malware on the Drive.

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As we know, Google's storage platform is popular with many Internet users. Perhaps because of Google Chrome, Gmail and also Android, a very large proportion of users of digital solutions knowingly or unconsciously use Google Drive to store certain information. Yet a computer security researcher named A. Nikoci has discovered a vulnerability that affects the US giant's cloud storage service. According to the latter's explanations, hackers could take advantage of this opening to spread malware to users if they do not pay enough attention to the process, when they share files through the Google Drive function: "file sharing".

Apparently, the security of this feature would be quite low as described by the computer security researcher in an interview with The Hacker News. The latter claims that the American giant has not installed a system to verify that during file sharing, the latter was not exchanged during the transaction. In other words, when transferring files via Google Drive, the system only verifies the sharing link that was created. It no longer verifies the continuity of the transaction. This allows a person of bad intent to simply replace the file that needs to be transmitted by another screwed-up, without changing the sharing link. The technique is quite perfect, as it will be simple to have malware downloaded in exchange or a legitimate document. And this, neither Google nor the target person will be able to realize this, because the preview of the file will not change in any way.

However, there is a downside. Exploit such a security flaw and quite low in terms of potential. Especially when it comes to file sharing between trusted people. But the fact remains that the risk becomes quite real when the file that needs to be shared is found on the internet. And no matter the site, whether it's specialized, a forum or even social network. Because at any time the link can then be screwed without the person's knowledge.

This means that you'll have to be very careful about the different sharing links on Google Drive. Especially if you visit a third-party site of which you do not have enough information or knowledge. Google has already been warned of the security flaw. Presumably, a security fix will surely not be long. Meanwhile, Google cloud users are being asked to be more careful when sharing files.

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