Three simple ways to get your phone hacked

Three simple ways to get your phone hacked

October 14, 2019 Off By admin

We know that since 2018 the number of attacks on smartphones has doubled.

In our article, we will talk about 3 types of most frequent attacks.

The SIM Swapping or "the art of stealing your number"

This hacking technique was born in 2019. One of the practical applications of this method was against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Indeed, in August 2019, the boss of the social network Twitter saw his account. Hackers had used a previously unrecognized technique. The SIM swapping. This technique does not really require a large computer equipment. It simply needs the hacker to know some information about you. This is also easy to collect on social networks.

Then he calls your phone operator on the pretext of a defect or even a loss of the SIM card, he will demand the transfer of the number to a new SIM card that he will have this time in his possession. To do this, he will have to provide, as has been said, some personal information that can now be easily collected on the platforms we visit constantly. Once the number is transferred to the SIM card. It can then be used to post on some of your accounts. As was the case with the CEO of Twitter.

But for this to work, of course your online accounts will have to be linked to your SIM card and that thanks to a particular configuration, it would be possible to make posts with your phone number, like Twitter in its Cloudhopper feature.

by elsewhere this hacking technique is a real problem for dual-factor authentication. Indeed, since the hacker will have access to your phone number, it will also easily be able to bypass two-factor authentication because it will also receive the confirmation code.

The Simjacker or "The Art of Tracking Your Phone"

It is an attack that is not talked about enough but has claimed about 1 billion lives. Indeed, one billion phones have been affected by this computer intrusion according to a study conducted by the expert cybersecurity structure for mobile phone Adaptive Mobile Security.

This technique unlike the previous one requires some practical knowledge. Indeed, this hacking strategy is essentially based on a security flaw discovered on some SIM cards. Especially on software installed on SIM cards that has not been updated for quite some time this software is called "S@T Browser".

Thanks to a set of messages sent and received from the chip via this application, the hacker can obtain certain information on the mobile phone, especially its geolocation. According to the cybersecurity company that discovered this huge security flaw, it will be more there hacking technique much used by intelligence agencies related to certain states. This strategy has the merit of being very discreet, and unfortunately there is no defence against it. The relief about this is that not all SIM cards are vulnerable, other than that nothing can prevent a person from using this attack against a venerable Sim.

Trojans or Trojans

here is one of the simplest techniques used by hackers. It is based primarily on the user's recklessness and lack of knowledge of certain behaviours towards certain dangers. Indeed the Trojans that can also be called Trojans, are intrusive computer programs. You can download them without paying attention. We can ourselves install it on our phone without us make it a meeting. At any moment we run the risk of installing a Trojan horse on our terminal.

Indeed, this computer program aims to transfer data from our smartphone to its publisher. And this without our knowledge. On June 11, 2019, a malicious program called Joker managed to infect 24 apps that were in the Android store, Google Play store. Thus all these applications became Trojans. Because they will allow the hacker to siphon data from the smartphones in which they will be installed. However Trojans can be fought by antivirus. So if you want to make sure you're not in that kind of trap.

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