Personal information related to French patients published online

Personal information related to French patients published online

October 14, 2019 Off By admin

Very recently, after an analysis of 2000 digital health data archiving servers, it was discovered that about 50,000 medical records of patients of French nationality were put online.

Such figures are a legitimate alarm, especially in this context of the increasing digitalisation of all sectors of activity, especially connected health, where the security of personal data becomes more than a necessity.

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Speaking of connected health, we know that since some years ago, some tools are being used to provide health services, otherwise through digital systems. And the benefits of this digitalization of medical data are no longer demonstrate. However, the real issue of data security arises always. In addition to being a necessity, this is a reality that is confirmed every new computer attack. the protection of medical data also goes directly to the health of patients.

It is surely in view of this that some organizations have begun to take an interest to secure health data more and more. Greenbone agency Networks to recently reveal the results of an analysis that would have been conducted during the mid-July period until the beginning of September of this year. The result this analysis shows that more than 2,300 medical archiving and imaging systems are now connected to the Internet. A result that is supposed to worry many Patients. And that's not all. The vast majority of the tools used in laboratories, health institutions or medical analysis or imaging centres are all connected to the internet. In this way, the data set that is collected or collected on different patients will be stored on the internet. Internet connection means exposure to a great number of hacks.

Overall, these systems are not secure enough, so in a few ways it is accessible to people who are not always of good will. Among the online connected servers detected by GreenBone, 24 million of the medical information stored inside its servers is referred to. This information concerns several patients from 52 different countries.

On the other hand, this information also presents about 737 million medical images, all of which directly concern named patients. And to spread things out, that more than 400 million medical data are available on the internet, thus being able to be downloaded by anyone. 39 archiving systems offer the ability to easily access their content and download it without any real protection. 7 unprotected servers are located in France with 2.6 million free-to-air medical images and a total of 47,500 medical documents relating to French patients online.

In addition, there are many advantages to digitizing the health care system. However, the flip side of the coin is not very bright. If the continuously connected health system has evolved at this rate and without any real protection system, in the long run it could become more problematic than beneficial. You have to take matters into your own hands and be more engaging in finding solutions.

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