Uber no longer has the right to practice in London

Uber no longer has the right to practice in London

November 27, 2019 Off By admin

The American transport giant has been sanctioned by the British authorities with the withdrawal of its licence to practice in the City of London.

The main reason for this withdrawal would be the discovery of several security flaws allowing drivers without a driver's license or to carry out the job to be behind the wheel of vehicles that fraudulently support passengers. The platform would then be compromised here endangering these London users.

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for the time the decision is not yet final because the American giant has decided to appeal the sanction. Allowing the U.S. company to continue to operate for the time being until a final decision is made be returned. In a statement issued by the transport agency London, Transport for London, "Uber is not fit to hold a licence in London. Which is it must be remembered the biggest market of the latter on the continent European. This agency reports on this security breach, which allows un licensed taxi drivers to drive to be able to put their photos on the accounts of other drivers and then take in customers, without their permission to do so. Fact that this would be produced with: "At least on 14,000 journeys in recent months, putting endangering passengers. Transport For London noted.

In addition, the organization raises another vulnerability that seem to affect Uber's platform. This new loophole would allow this time has unlicensed drivers or those who have suspended from being able to create active accounts for the purpose of carrying out the profession of driver. then the organ London Transport blames Uber for its safety negligence platform. Indeed, since September, the authority of the London Transport had required the U.S. company to increase its security guarantee safety of its users. this requirement followed a two-month authorization during which Uber is expected to improve while having the right to practice. But right now, if the London-based authority acknowledges that Uber has efforts, they don't no less than the one believes that these efforts are insufficient.

by Elsewhere, the mayor of The City of London supports decision of the transport authority. "I support the decision TfL on Uber. said London Mayor Sadiq Khan. He adds by other than even if the British capital wants to attract "companies it is essential that companies play by the rules." on the other hand, the traditional taxi drivers, has indeed expressed his joy at this decision London Transport Authority. He said in a statement on Monday that American society had created: "a race to the bottom (in the standards of driver's conduct) which is not in the best interests of drivers or drivers nor their customers. »

However, this decision does not really enchant another union, which is the union of the self-employed in Great Britain, which for its part claims that this decision will undermine the interests of "thousands of those drivers who work for Uber in precarious conditions and who are therefore at risk of being unemployed while they fall under a mountain of debt to pay off their vehicles. The union calls for "an urgent meeting with the mayor to discuss possible solutions to protect Uber drivers. ». To measure the extent of the fear expressed by the self-employed association, we realize that the exclusion of the American company from the London transport market will cause more damage than expected by counting the risk of unemployment that will weigh on its 45,000 drivers.

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