How prepared are companies in the face of computer hacking?

How prepared are companies in the face of computer hacking?

May 21, 2020 Off By admin

Today, the issue of cybersecurity is something important that no longer really goes unnoticed.

Various events have had a significant impact on the organisation and development of this sector, which until now has been unknown to the general public. "While some sectors have traditionally been targeted by cyber-attacks, massive destabilization and deleterious influence, such as the health, defence or energy sectors, any public or private organization is exposed to computer risk. At the beginning of the year, 92% of companies reported having been the victims of one or more computer attacks. Franck DeCloquement, practitioner and expert in economic and strategic intelligence and a member of CyberTaskForce and CEPS (Centre for Strategic Studies and Prospective).

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Since the beginning of the global health crisis, computer security has been confronted with an exceptional upsurge in cybercrime. What makes experts think, that the challenges of the year 2020 for this sector are strategic and economic. Because the first to feel the blow of this upsurge in computer attacks are the companies that drive the global economy. However, it must be revealed that the status of these companies in the face of virtual crime varies according to their internal organizations whose aim is to combat these cyberattacks.

In a recent survey conducted by Robert Walters, it was shown that 66% of IT system managers recognized that corporate financial investments in the IT security sector are insufficient to enable teams to effectively combat incidents that may occur. This is despite the issue of cybersecurity being increasingly present in corporate actions individually or globally. 77% of IT managers did not fail to point out that in the missions entrusted to them on a daily basis, the issue of security is much more addressed than before through audits, subjects of anticipation or reorganization of administrative acts. The study also found that 51% of security officers recognize a competency problem in internal resources to effectively address risks. 48% describe an inability to identify internally and supervise computer incidents. Another, 43% of IT managers report that the weakness of companies is more often a result of the lack of awareness among employees on the issue of cybersecurity.

In addition, in the Robert Walters study, 58% of corporate security officers estimated that the security service is directly linked to the management of the COMPUTER system. For our part, 57 percent of respondents preferred that it be linked directly to the company's general management, or to the Risk and Compliance Branch, to increase its effectiveness. "While the introduction of extended telecommuting has made businesses vulnerable, the security of information systems is at the heart of today's business issues. Indeed, attacks are multiplying and the phenomenon is likely to intensify in the coming months. Transition managers specializing in IS security can respond to the emergency, putting action plans in place and building an ecosystem of partners, in order to manage the crisis and protect the company in the longer term. analyses Clémence Richard, Senior Director, Robert Walters, Transition Management.

In other words, companies are doing their best. Large companies have sufficient means to equip and organize more easily than medium-sized enterprises. But beyond the material and human equipment, training and awareness of employees must be a priority. Because all the experts are unanimous on my question: the weak link of computer security is the human. In this way, no aspect of the participation of the various actors should be overlooked. But monitor, supervise or even punish.

The "Zero Trust" approach is not a utopia. But for that to happen, companies would have to take the means, but also the time.

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