What should I do if your password is stolen?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Despite all the protections taken, it is possible to fall victim to the hacking and find that his email account has been hacked. In this case, we will have to intervene immediately in order to re-secure all of our online user accounts and start using the Internet safely again.


Reset all passwords

The first reaction to have is to go to each of his accounts and immediately change his passwords in order to avoid that the hacker can go there thanks to the information he will be able to collect on the first account that has been cracked. The fact that he may have been hacked must also alert us to the value of his password. While it could be found so easily, its reliability rate was insufficient. For new passwords, you'll have to do things differently so you don't take the same risk.

The new passwords that will be chosen will need to be more complex to avoid falling victims again. If a target has been reached for the first time, there is a good chance that it will still be hit in the future, so we will have to take the lead. A password generator can be of great help in this situation because it will allow to create very quickly a large number of combinations that will be much more developed than those used until then. The goal is to use means that make it very difficult to re-hack a person's account.


Inform your correspondents

When an email address or customer account has been hacked, it will be necessary to promptly report it to all of its contacts so that they will not send any more emails to that address until the account is secured again. If a breach has been found in a person, his or her personal or professional contact list may in turn fall victim to hacking. Information that is available online can be used by hackers to reach correspondents' email accounts. This snowball effect is seen in many cases so the information as soon as possible is imperative.

It is also strongly recommended to use an email account other than the one that has been hacked to warn others of the situation. The error is often made by individuals who change passwords and immediately think that their account is secure again.By doing so, they open a large amount of portals to the email accounts of the savvy people. It will be essential to choose another email address to proceed with this step so as not to endanger anyone by a lack of protection. Once an email address has been hacked, it will have to be re-tested for several weeks before being sure that it will become completely healthy again and reuse it for its exchanges.

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