How do you protect your password from hackers?

How do you protect your password from hackers?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

On the internet, you can find absolutely everything. But everything means good, and at least good. And, in this case, some hackers do not hesitate to use the candour of unsenterious users on their passwords. So there is more to lose than to win if you don't take a minimum of security.

The basic rules

The simplest is not always the friend of the best, especially when it comes to passwords. Let's avoid simple passwords, such as those with series of letters or numbers that follow each other on the keyboard.

Also out are words that are too easy to guess, such as "azerty" or "motdepasse."
They are among the most tried. Similarly, surnames, dates of birth, or city names should not be used.

Another pitfall to avoid; use the same password for all services.
Once the hacker has found a password, we can be sure that he will try it on all the services we have access to. So let's not make it easier for him.

The right solution

Ideally, a complete password should include numbers, letters and bookmarks. In addition, some letters may be written in capital letters. If this does not affect many services, so-called letter breakage is respected for passwords.

So of course, "3ftR" is hard to remember. But it is certain that our neighbour, or our friend wishing to search our PC will not be able to achieve his ends. Moreover, it is still more interesting if we ourselves are able to remember our password.
Especially since we have to start the operation again for many services.

Thinking mnemotechnics

It is the best to opt for short sentences:

  • I LiveIninle44
  • JesuisBorn in The974
  • be37See

In short, there are many possibilities, adaptable to everyone and very difficult to find, for anyone.

Now, if a high-level hacker really wants to know what's in a PC and he really wants to access our online resources, he will get there. But for that he would have to be already very well informed about what he is looking for.

On the other hand, some services, such as banking, are very well protected by banks, but others remain lighter. Anyway, it's not very complicated to find an inviolable password, so you might as well make the effort and minimize the risks.

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