Which VPN used on Netflix?

Which VPN used on Netflix?

November 8, 2019 Off By admin

We know that it is difficult to find today a VPN compatible with the online service or Netflix.

Yet like any online service, it is of course important to be able to protect yourself. In addition, using a Netflix VPN will allow you to access more content than you have since you subscribed, because as we know, some content depends on the geographic space in which the subscriber is. For example Netflix Canada offers more content than Netflix France. then from France if you use the right VPN, you can have access to Netflix Canada content.

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however use a VPN on Netflix, is not such an easy thing. Because the majority of these technologies are detected by the American firm. And once detected, the user will face a proxy error message that reads: "It seems that you were using a proxy or unlocker."

So in our article we will offer you 3 VPN dedicated to Netflix that still work. and selection is justified by the fact that this three have something in common:

  • It will allow the user to unlock Netflix content taking into account the interests and range of possibilities that does not want to achieve.
  • It will also provide access to Netflix USA, which is the world's largest catalog.
  • Also offer solutions to allow the user to still be able to access Netflix even if the latter blocks the IP of his server.
  • There is also the ability to allow users to access other platforms other than Netflix such as THE BBC iPlayer Amazon Prime or IT ITV.

Here are the VPNs chosen:

1- ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Netflix.

he willing to embark on the challenge he has been taking on for quite some time now successfully: enable its users access to Netflix and unlock content that it should not have access to made of its geographical position. for the moment it must be admitted that this Succeeds. And he still holds Paris. it's the best choice you'll make in VPN. And its quality and his expertise as a Netflix VPN can be explained by different points :

  • Its greatest strength lies in are very large number of servers somewhat scattered around the world. in this way, Netflix users who want access to new content will be able to easily find a way to unlock that of certain geographical areas such as the US the United Kingdom of Canada (content preferable for Francophones).
  • Moreover ExpressVPN had for a moment incorporate in its interface a feature called media streamer DNS to the offers it makes to its users. This of course unlocks some areas such as the US at the moment.
  • Moreover there is the possibility to install on this VPN on virtually any type of computer support be it tablets, Windows PCs or Mac OS, Freebox, this interface is really convenient and will please you.

2- PureVPN

PureVPN like the previous one also works with Netflix. The parameters, for the moment, allow us to unlock some catalogues, including the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, and France. for francophones, it will be said that It is Netflix Canada that is the most interesting among the catalogs to offer because this VPN. To access Netflix, this VPN will offer you login software that works with streaming mode. if it unlocks less catalog than the predecessor it has the quality of being 3 times cheaper.

3 – NordVPN

Fully functional with Netflix, NordVPN can allow you to unlock without worrying about any Netflix content of your choice. however, your choice will only be limited to 3 possible catalogues. These are the most requested catalogues of the United States, Great Britain and Canada. If it offers less than these predecessors NordVPN, has the merit of having a good quality in terms of the speed of streaming playback.

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