When a video becomes the cause of your hacking

When a video becomes the cause of your hacking

July 26, 2019 Off By admin

A simple video can hack into millions of Android smartphones.

Apparently, there is a flaw on the Framework of the Android media system by which hackers would take advantage to corrupt mobile on Android.

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It is true that Google has offered a security patch since the beginning of July however the threat remains. Millions of smartphones remain vulnerable to this evil. Many note, users ignore the threat and have not updated their systems. Either for lack of knowledge of the flaw; either for the unavailability of the patch for some smartphone model. Especially since there is a developer who offers video files that show this flaw in action.

To succeed in the hacking, by this way, the hacker pushes his victim to read a video in which he allegedly placed a virus. This corrupted video is modified by the original Android player. As a result, the hacker can take control of the phone. In this context, users are encouraged to monitor for irregularities in their phones. Infected smartphones tend to become slow to use. It increases the use of internet data. Some settings will be activated without the consent of the smartphone holder. Also as soon as the security patch is available, Google encourages all Android users to follow the upgrade procedures.

Marcin Kozlowski, an Android developer, has put online a demonstration of the feasibility of the concept (what Anglo-Saxons call "proof of concept") on the GitHub website. He would offer on his account several files that could cause the Bug of Android smartphones. As well as detailed explanations… a compilation of information and tricks that should make it easier for potential hackers who unfortunately want to exploit this flaw to inject arbitrary code into smartphones they would target. The hacker News blog notes, however, that for the attack to fail, the video file must be opened as it is: messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger automatically compress videos, resulting in distorting their malicious code.

To protect yourself against this vulnerability, two tips are given t to follow literally: first, you need to update your smartphone as soon as a security patch becomes available. All the more so, if you happen to see in your notifications that the update will fix the hacking flaw (CVE-2019-2107). The second advice is never to play videos from unknown sources outside of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

That's why Android apps are constantly being tested. Their popularity, the cause of all these attacks does not suffer at the moment. Google always offers solutions to secure the mobiles of its users. But the best protection comes from either. Users must adopt good practices.

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