Who are the dumbest hackers in the world?

Who are the dumbest hackers in the world?

October 13, 2019 Off By admin

It sounds funnier when it's said like this, but it seems so true, maybe you have to laugh about it.

Their code name is SandCat, this hacker group is believed to be linked to the Uzbek government intelligence service. They are considered to be the dumbest in the world, like state hackers. What's the reason? Kaspersky explains this.

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Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said it recently spotted a group of hackers computers with this name. There is no doubt that it is linked to the government of Uzbekistan precisely to their service to the information. According to the Russian cybersecurity firm, these hackers were very easily laid bare. To be honest it was not discreet enough or not competent enough.

What is shocking about this story is that this group of pirates it's all simply served as the name of a military team that would be linked to the service of Uzbekistan's national security to register a domain name it uses on these structures attacks. We know that Uzbek government's national security service was set up just after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, with the aim of succeeding the mythical KGB. This service is supposed to play the role intelligence structure but also secret police. But since 2018 under the leadership of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the security has been reformed because of too many scandals attributed to it, due to the accusations of continued human rights violations.

One of the most striking and more or less stupid things has been for this Uzbek hacker group to install on one of the computers, an anti-virus of The Russian company Mr. Kaspersky. The aim was surely to to produce new malware by studying the software defenses. This is how Kaspersky was able to detect and intercept a developing program. As a result, this code has not been able to deploy on time.

Moreover, these hackers would have inserted into one of their test files screenshots of certain machines. now exposed an attack platform in the midst of development.

However, there is good in all these errors committed by these hackers. Indeed, this has allowed Kaspersky to follow more closely the activities of the spy service Uzbek. The mistakes made by the latter were also used to track down other groups of hackers who were operating elsewhere. The Russian computer security company has thus put under surveillance of pirate groups in Saudi Arabia and the UAE United. The link that has been established between these groups and service Uzbek security lies in the fact that they have used Type 0 vulnerabilities Day, flaws bought by the group of hackers Sandcat.

Reading some of the messages exchanged between the Uzbek security service and some of their partners, one realizes that they have spent up to $1 million on equipment in computer hacking tools, and that since then it has always managed to go unnoticed. Brian Bartholomew said that sandCat's mistakes "cannot be attributed to arrogance and inexperience."

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