Who shares my data on Facebook?

Who shares my data on Facebook?

February 1, 2020 Off By admin

Now, thanks to a new tool developed by the social network, it is possible to know who is sharing our data on Facebook.

Indeed, since last Tuesday, Facebook has finally deployed a program called "Activity outside Of Facebook". This tool lets you know which web platforms, websites and apps send data to Facebook and how often and how many times, in order to better define their advertising policies. It also erases your entire history of activities you've had to do outside of Facebook.

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Users will also be able to control all of their activities on third-party sites in other applications. However, one thing should be noted: this does not mean that your personal data will no longer be collected. But simply, implies that they will not be connected to you, thus making them anonymous.

Like you You know that. Sharing information does not require the individual to be logged into his Facebook account or even connected to the Internet. "Although this activity is common everywhere in the Internet, we believe it is important to help people understand why they see the ads they see and give them control how their data is used. Explained Jay Nancarrow, Facebook spokesperson.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal where Facebook has been accused of illegally sharing user data for political purposes, which was actually true, the social network is doing its best to wash its honor little by little. Despite several falls, Facebook does not detract from it. The deployment of certain tools, such as what we are talking about here, could present itself as the expression Facebook has shown its users that it can care about their privacy on the Internet. As a reminder, the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal is one of the biggest scandals of the past decade involving a data analytics agency that used personal data belonging to users of the social network without the consent of its latter. The goal was to be able to predict and influence the choice of American voters. Immediately after the scandal Facebook had prepared a feature allowing the user to delete its history off Facebook, but it could not be deployed since then. It had been in the testing phase since August 2019 in 3 countries before its official deployment since Tuesday.

To be able to implement this feature, connect with your Facebook app. Then go to the "parameters," then to "Your information Facebook." Head to the "Access your information" section and Click "Show."

Then go to the "Information about You" setting and choose "Advertisements and Companies." Choose "Your activity off Facebook."

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