Windows 10: What you need to know about the blue screen scam

Windows 10: What you need to know about the blue screen scam

January 1, 2021 Off By admin

For some time, it has been discovered or even suffered a new form of scam.

It is based primarily on Microsoft's recent Windows 10 operating system.Clearly it is the users of this system who are targeted. How does that manifest itself. Very simply by the sudden appearance of a blue screen as a sign of a problem or technical failure. If you are in this case, do not be fooled, it is not a technical problem. Rather, it was a hacker who counterfeited the screen.

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When the blue screen appears. The user is informed by a message that appears on the screen that tells him that his computer is attacked by a computer virus that is likely to cause him to lose all of his data. It is suggested that the user call a number that appears on the screen, so that he or she can contact a Microsoft game technical advisor to help them respond to problems.

In practice the tactic is very convincing. For any user who is not vigilant enough, it is very easy to be fooled. In any case, users largely do not hesitate to call the number, because of the threat of losing important files.

The authorities informed of this problem did not fail to react immediately to inform as many people as possible as soon as possible. On the website, he clarified that the number supposedly directed to Windows technical support is not the right one. The government website did not fail to specify that it is cybercriminals who pretend to be Microsoft technicians for the purpose of Nantes only collecting data but also pushed users to commit missteps. Indeed, cyber criminals when they are contacted by victims, means that they will first take control of the computer in order to be able to correct the problem. They also ask people to pay for software that will be installed to solve the technical failure which in reality is not one. A simple enough technique to extract money from people not alert enough.

For those facing this situation:

– First of all, don't panic.

– Under no circumstances should the number shown on the screen be called

– The user then has to clean up the entire app, or even uninstall the ones that appear suspicious.

The American giant gives some tips to follow when users are faced with this kind of scam:

– If in doubt for Microsoft's technical support number, use another computer or smartphone to check on the Internet.

– The victim must keep enough evidence to be able to file a complaint with the authorities afterwards.

– In addition, the message that appears on the screen may contain errors that may attract the victim's attention. Also, we will have to be vigilant.

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