Xiaomi and Google home, a computer security issue to solve

Xiaomi and Google home, a computer security issue to solve

January 12, 2020 Off By admin

The Chinese IT solutions group Xiaomi wanted to give public explanations about the non-functioning of its ecosystem on Google home stick devices.

The concern is a matter of computer security. The Chinese group has apologised to users of its ecosystem and sought to reassure that everything will soon be back to normal. Because Xiaomi decided to settle the problem from the base.

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The problem with Xiaomi begins when users of the the brand's security cameras realized they were able to to also see the interior of other people's homes using the same material than they do. This would mean that they too were surely observed other users. So to limit the impact of this failure technology, the privacy of their users, Xiaomi and Google have both decided to interrupt transmissions and unlock access to the various connected devices throughout the Xiaomi ecosystem from the Google and find it a way to close the security loophole that turns out to be pretty severe.

The security fix that is supposed to fill this vulnerability does not longer, according to the Chinese firm and Google. A Chinese company even had to apologise and soon announce the deployment of this fix. "Our team has since acted immediately to solve the problem and it is now resolved. After an investigation, we discovered that the concern was caused by a cache update on December 26 2019, designed to improve the quality of the video stream, "also notifies Xiaomi, through his spokesman. The Chinese company also noted that this the problem arose as a result of the meeting of very complex and complex conditions difficult to implement, that it was unlikely to happen in such a way that that he is. "In this case, this happened when the integration of Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p in a Google Nest Hub with screen display was done through poor network conditions." Did she explain then.

To provide more details, Xiaomi stated that all users affected by this vulnerability are exactly 1044. And among them, only those who used a bad network connection had been exposed in blatant ways to this security flaw. With the cooperation of the American company Google, Xiaomi promised that any worries have been removed. However, as a security measure "the service is always suspended until the root of the problem is corrected, to ensure that it does not happen again." Statement that makes computer security experts believe that the fixes made are not really a remedy to the problem raised, but just a band-aid waiting for a real definitive solution. However, this aspect is quite complex in that it is now difficult to deploy such equipment without security flaws.

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