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How to hack Instagram password?

Instagram passwords are stored and encrypted in secure databases.

That's what they try to make us believe... Instagram is one of the most used social networks after Facebook. Are there any possibilities to hack Instagram passwords? The answer is yes! In this tutorial, we will explain the best methods that hackers use to hack Instagram profiles easily.

Note that we are writing this article to help you secure yourself. Under no circumstances should you use these methods against an account that is not yours. This is illegal.

Here are some methods that you will need to know but which are quite unknown. You should know that in the cybercrime sector, not a day goes by without hackers innovating. Here are some techniques for you to remember:


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This application works very easily by exploiting user data security loopholes. Each Instagram account is stored in a database and in it are the login credentials. By analyzing this data, we quickly realize that it all has security breaches and in particular on the protection of passwords. PASS DECRYPTOR only has to connect to it and extract the information to display it on your screen. Thanks to PASS DECRYPTOR, you are sure to be able to recover your account password in just a few minutes. You have one month of trial at the end of which you are either satisfied or reimbursed. So do not hesitate!

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Method 2 - SIM Card Hacking

SIM card Instagram hacker

SIM cards are more than tools that allow us to make calls or send texts. These are actually pieces of hardware that work like small computers with their own operating system. Therefore, you should always know that the security of SIM cards is separate from the security of your computer terminal. It is possible to have a secure and well-equipped computer device, however this does not protect you from potential computer attacks on your SIM card. And cybercriminals know this and know how to do it very well. To violate the integrity of your SIM card, there are techniques that are widely used but that you surely do not know. These include, among others:

  • Simjacking: a practice that was discovered only a few years ago. It essentially consists of exploiting security vulnerabilities present in our SIM cardsin order to be able to collect data which transits on the latter on the terminal in which it is located. As mentioned above, SIM cards are like small computers with their own operating system. Meaning, it reacts to a number of computer programs and malicious scripts can look for vulnerabilities to exploit them. Moreover, it has been shown several times that a large part of the SIM cards have not been updated since 2009! This means that security breaches have only multiplied. Moreover, with the expansion of the e-SIM card, the issue of security breaches will only increase. Which means you're probably not safe if you're not careful and observant. Because in a material way, there is simply no way to protect yourself from it.

  • SIM Swapping: to be honest, it's not really hacking. Let's say it's a method that allows a criminal to impersonate a person from their telephone company in order to recover their SIM card and telephone number. For this, the criminal will carry out research mainly on the Internet in order to have as much personal data as possible about you. When he can thus collect this information, he will call your telephone operator. Under the pretext of a malfunction or loss, he will request the transfer of his telephone numberon another SIM card that he will have in his possession this time. And of course, surprisingly, given that your Instagram account will generally be affiliated with another phone number, it will become much more difficult to recover this account.

Method 3 - Attacks without Internet

Hacker Instagram without Internet

It is common to believe that when you get hacked, it is only because of the Internet. Yet this is a truly misconception. Indeed, today there are methods that do not need the Internet to steal your data and you must know them:

  • The technique of the ethernet antenna, the RJ45: It mainly consists of using Ethernet cables to make antennas. To do this, they use the UDP protocol, which is used to transmit in a basic way by infecting a target machine. It can be made to transmit data thanks to the electromagnetic emissions of the Ethernet cable. However, this technique should be performed next to the target device for much more efficiency;

  • The technique of the LED bulb: here too we are in an almost surreal context. No need for the internet to divert your data. The hacker just needs a suitable lens and some computer programs designed for the occasion. Thanks to this, our webcams can by observing the variations in the brightness of the LED of the screen of a terminal, exfiltrate data in the form of binary information. This technique was discovered at the beginning of 2020;

  • Bluejacking/bluehacking: This is a technique that exploits security flaws present in Bluetooth in order to carry out attacks. If at the base it is a technique which was a little harmless because it did not really allow to take control of the device. In this context, be very careful when you have Bluetooth activated;

  • The Power Supply: another rather special technique that does not require an internet connection. She was discovered by a university. It mainly consists of using the ultrasound emitted by the charger unit to exfiltrate data from a computer. And this technique works. Indeed, this method makes it possible to use a tactic called chopping in order to convert alternating current into alternating current. The charger blocks that are used to power our PCs tend to generate vibrations with various frequencies that can show the CPU's calculation load. The vibrations emitted by the charger pads can be used to create an ultrasound that will be detectable in a fairly close area. With the help of a precise computer program, it is possible to artificially vary the computational load of the CPU. This will allow powershack the necessary data and information by encoding them into an ultrasound tape.

Method 4 - Using Malware

Application Spyware Instagram

Most computer attacks have their sources in the use of malicious software. Frankly, it's almost impossible to hack without using a malware-like program. There are several and of all types. Here are a few you need to know:

  • Spyware: spy computer programs are among the computer tools most used in the context of computer hacking. It is therefore not uncommon for someone, hacking professional or not, to decide to use spyware in order to collect data. Under certain conditions, this even presents itself as a necessity. To adapt its use and allow a whole bunch of users to use it, we observe the spread of a slightly lighter variant but often equal to spyware. They are commonly called Stalkerware. It is now possible to download them from official stores such as the PlayStore or the App Store. Their usefulness lies primarily in target surveillance. Once installed on a particular terminal, they make it possible to monitor traffic and the overall use of the computer device, but also to be able to exfiltrate important data. Information that can be used in the context of direct hacking of your Instagram account;

  • Keylogger: it is known as a keystroke recorder program. It is one of the classics of hacking. As the name suggests, it is basically used for the purpose of collecting data. Data that is entered on the keyboard of an infected computing device. This is precisely where its subtlety and effectiveness lie. Not only can it be used to target computers but also smartphones or tablets;

  • Ransomware: we are talking about a very popular software here because of the damage it has caused in the world in the last 10 years. Ransomware or ransomware is basically software that has been designed to extort money based on blackmail and digital hostage taking. Indeed, once the ransomware is deployed in a computer system, it prevents anyone from being able to access it without having the necessary decryption key. In exchange for this decryption key, the hacker behind the attack will demand the payment of a ransom, most often in Bitcoin. However, being faced with very recalcitrant victims who refuse to give in to blackmail, another aspect has been developed in the usage of this ransomware program. These include data exfiltration. They can then collect data contained in the computer system attacked in order to use it as blackmail. But beyond blackmail, this same data can be used in other ways: hacking and account hijacking. If one thing should be remembered, it's not just companies that are targeted by ransomware. Individuals are too. Which means you are just as vulnerable to these kinds of computer attacks as anyone at any organization;

  • Trojan: it is by far the most used malicious software by hackers. If it is less popular than ransomware, the fact remains that these features make it essential for hackers. The Trojan horse, as its name suggests, is a rather particular computer program. It can take the form of a completely legitimate and simple application. An application that you can easily download either from the PlayStore or even the Apple AppStore. Application stores that are known to be the most secure. This is possible because behind a legitimate application that can be downloaded for daily needs such as the calculator or the diary, hides a malicious script that is just waiting for the right moment to activate. Hence its name Trojan. It is therefore difficult for an average user to protect themselves from it. Most of the time when we realize its existence it is almost too late. But what are these features really on the whole. In addition to the ease with which it can be installed in your smartphone or computer, the Trojan offers the possibility to its operator of being able to install malicious scripts on its target terminals. That way, insofar as it ends up being detected and uninstalled, the hacker always has a card to play. It also makes it possible to spy on the user of the contaminated device and to steal their data to use it for other purposes. It is for this reason that he is a real threat to you. You may be infecting yourselfby this malware.

Method 5 - Zero Click Exploit

Instagram hack Zero Click Exploit

It may happen that we are faced with a computer threat against which it is impossible to do anything. If we thought it was surreal to be at the mercy of hackers, with this method you will understand that this is not the case. The zero-click exploit is a very advanced hacking method that does not require any action from the target. She doesn't need to do anything because everything is happening without her knowledge. Let's get into the context. As usual, for a hacker to infect a particular endpoint, it had to either install the malware manually or trick the user into installing it themselves in some way. Either using the file or social engineering. For years, specialists have discovered by using security vulnerabilities that it was possible to create a path without exposing oneself physically or even needing the user to do anything. The security vulnerabilities that are exploited most often are 0 Day vulnerabilities that have not been patched or have not even been officially discovered yet. Thanks to this, they exfiltrate data or monitor their target in a totally discreet way. One of the most striking facts in this context is thehacking of Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon. The latter had been infected by the famous Pegasus software just after receiving a video by WhatsApp. The consequence of receiving the video was the contamination of his smartphone by one of the most sophisticated spyware in the world. The latter did nothing, he couldn't even protect himself because everything went unnoticed. Imagine such an attack directed at you.


You can see for yourself that it is really very easy to have your identifiers stolen and very quickly! Hackers are smart above all else, they look for security vulnerabilities that they try to exploit. The slightest bug is good to be caught by hackers. There is no need for the latest equipment.

How to protect yourself from hackers?

Despite all these techniques, there are a few solutions that will surely improve the security of your Instagram account. If you want to reduce the risks as much as possible, it is important to adopt a good attitude and a good digital lifestyle for this it is important:

  • To have a good management of your password: the password of your Instagram account must be unique. Without the use of personal information such as your name, date of birth or a reference to your relatives. If you have trouble remembering multiple passwords due to having multiple accounts, use a password manager.

  • Activate two-factor authentication: an additional layer of security will not be refused. Especially if your password is compromised. Because, we are never safe from a potential data leak

  • Be wary of third-party apps: Third-party apps increase the satisfaction of the user experience when we are on Instagram, however most of us are unaware of the origin of these apps and their impacts on our security. This is why it is recommended to avoid these applications as much as possible and to focus only on the basic functionalities of Instagram.

  • Perform updates: updates are essential because they allow us to correct security vulnerabilities and in a certain way ensure that we are not caught unawares by 0-day security vulnerabilities. So do not hesitate. Be very quick to execute them.

  • Use antivirus protection: whether on a smartphone or a computer, take the trouble to install a protection program. Malware is very legion and it can oppose great problems. Protecting yourself with software will be very useful. Remember that you can get both paid antivirus and free antivirus. So have this reflex.

  • Lock your device: you must make sure that anyone cannot access your terminal. Therefore use a method to lock access to your computer, tablet or smartphone. This can be a password or a biometric method like fingerprint or facial recognition. Don't leave your computing device lying around and make sure it's locked when you decide to leave it somewhere;

  • Not using a public computing device to access your Instagram account: This is because you don't know what malicious threats or malware are already installed on the device in question.