Hacking an Instagram password

The security of social networks is our priority

How to hack Instagram password?

In order to avoid being one of the millions of people who have already had their Instagram accounts hacked, you have to create a password that uses a lot of special type characters. Hackers are like gold diggers digging their way through every tiny bit that can open their way.

They use quite advanced software algorithms to hack Instagram password quickly. The longer the password, the more likely it is to resist the attacker a little longer. Long but not indefinite...

Hackers have cutting-edge technology that even the FBI doesn't have. Artificial intelligence makes it easy to guess passwords. Computers can perform billions of calculations per second, why not couple computer and artificial brain at the same time? This is what the pirates have already succeeded in doing! Their software displays the password of an Instagram account in plain text. Of course, their system could be reversed to create unbreakable passwords! If it were the machine that creates it and not the human being, the flaws in the system would be almost non-existent. There would only be bugs that could jeopardize the situation. Their program consists of an artificial neural network that will be able to compare itself with other passwords that it guesses.

Let's look at the common techniques that can help in hacking an Instagram account. Maybe you know some of them:

Technique #1: PASS BREAKER

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Absolute flawless security does not exist. There will always come a time or another when the hacker will manage to take control of the Instagram account.

PASS DECRYPTOR is cross-platform software that can be used on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to it, you can recover the password of any Instagram account. It was designed by computer security specialists and meets the need for security without being a specialist in the field. No matter your skills, you can use it at any time and very easily.

Thanks to PASS DECRYPTOR, you are sure to be able to recover your Instagram account at any time and in just a few minutes. Here's how:

  1. Install the PASS DECRYPTOR software on your computer device.
  2. Choose Instagram account password finder method. It is possible to find the password of an Instagram account using either the email address associated with the account, or the telephone number or either with the username.
  3. Start password search. It will take a few minutes, but you will definitely have the credentials you are looking for.

It should be mentioned that you have one month to try PASS DECRYPTOR. At the end of this trial period, you are either satisfied or refunded.

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Technique #2: Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping hack Instagram

It can be a wiretap or simply eavesdropping. Eavesdropping is simply spying. Thanks to certain tools such as microphones and portable relay antennas, it is quite simply possible to know what one is saying to others. In a simplistic way, we thus collect information likely to help pirates in their actions.

Eavesdropping can be carried out by everyone and more particularly by relatives because they are the ones who have the easiest access to carry out this kind of hacking.

Technique #3: Acoustic cryptanalysis

Acoustic Cryptanalysis hack Instagram

It is a technique that essentially consists of converting sounds and vibrations into intelligible information. During the Second World War, this technique was used a lot in order to be able to spy on the enemy. With the right equipment such as an antenna, a frequency reading program and a conversion tool, the sounds emitted by a particular device or object will be translated into data. It can be a keyboard, a loudspeaker or a rotor. Anything that produces sound on a regular basis can be an object that can provide information. This is what acoustic psychoanalysis is all about.

Since it is a practice that is not really known to the general public and whose specifics are not really known, it is almost impossible to protect yourself from it. The only protection one could have would be to keep anyone with strange material around you at bay.

Technique #4: Interception of traffic

Interception traffic Instagram password

Intercepting web traffic consists of deploying measures to be able to know everything a person does when they connect to the web. The interception is done either at the source, that is to say during the connection or during web browsing.

  • Interception of traffic from the source:
    • It is possible for hackers to be able to hack you when you access a WiFi network that is under their control. Setting up fake WiFi networkwith the aim of intercepting the web traffic of the Internet user is something very common. To do so, the hacker deploys a fake WiFi hotspot equipped with several malicious scripts that can track you. And of course the consequences are the hacking of your login data when you log into your Instagram account since everything will be intercepted by hackers. In addition, there is also the hacking of the DNS used by your Internet service provider. In this scenario, you have almost no way to protect yourself against this. Like interception using WiFi, the best way to protect yourself is to use a virtual private network or simply avoid all WiFi networks where security verification is not possible.

  • Interception while browsing:
    • Hackers can intercept your web browsing data by trying to hack cookies. Indeed, cookies are firmware that mark your navigation so that you can return to a login page without providing all the information previously communicated. Knowing that cookies are stored in your browser, hackers will try to retrieve them. If they manage to do this, they will simply use these firmware in order to connect to your different pages and retrieve all your login credentials. In other words, they are going to use these beacons for the purpose of tracking and monitoring you. If you want to protect yourself against interception from the browser, you will have to be careful not to save cookies or delete them immediately after connection.

Technique #5: Session hijacking

Session hacking password Instagram

It essentially consists of pushing a user to go to another platform than the one he had previously wanted. The objective is to deceive the vigilance of this user into believing that he is on the right page desired and that he provides his identification information without doubting for a single moment that it is a trap. For this, hackers can proceed in different ways. They can try to intercept packets between different DNS servers transmitted most often with a unique identifying signature. It is possible to create dummy packets and place them as the very target of the communication.

Also, it should be mentioned that another way exists to hijack the session. This is the hijacking of DNS caches. These make it possible, like cookies, to create a beacon which records the connections of the Internet user. Hackers are able to access these DNS caches, they can modify them so that this indicates a new path. The Internet user who has not noticed anything is automatically switched to a dummy platform. The most impressive thing about this technique is that the targeted user will have a hard time detecting the fraud. He just can't know what's going on.

Technique #6: The dictionary attack

dictionary attack Instagram hack

It is a technique that consists of finding the password of your online account by trying several types of combinations. To make the task easier, the hacker relies on two things: the dictionary and an automated script.

The dictionary is a database where the hacker will store all the combinations he has to try in order to find the right password. Therefore, there are thousands, if not millions, of possible combinations. The majority of these combinations come from data leaks or computer hacks that have made it possible to accumulate all this information. They can also be combinations generated automatically by specialized software. In this variant, we will rather talk about breaking passwords.

Technique #7: Data extractors

Data extractors Instagram hack

There are several computer programs that have been designed specifically to extract data from the computer systems in which they have been installed. It is literally information theft because all this must be done without the knowledge of the targeted person. Here are a few data extractors you should know about:

  • Cloning software:
    • Basically it is a computer program that is used to copy and back up data to a remote server that will be recoverable if the original data fails. Almost every major company has system cloning programs, especially since the explosion of ransomware attacks. There are even free versions for computers and smartphones that can be downloaded from specialized or official stores. Unfortunately, these tools can be abused and used under malicious conditions. Indeed, imagine for example that a person manages to install this cloning program without you realizing it. He will be able to have a copy of everything on your computing device and this includes your applications and your login to all your online accounts. Unfortunately, until you realize what is being done, the hacker will continue. Of course, there are signs that can challenge the victim. For example, high internet data consumption.

  • Keyloggers:
    • They are used to know exactly what you write when you type on your keyboard. When hackers install them on your terminals, they collect everything you enter. In our context, for example, what interests them is obviously your login details. Especially your password.

  • Screen recorders:
    • Unlike the previous one, screen recorders are used to know what you are doing by copying the contents of your screen. In this case, it's not the keyboard that cybercriminals are interested in, but the screen. If you're wondering what the point of this one might be, it's simple: keyloggers can't spy on virtual keyboards. In other words, if a user is using a virtual keyboard, the previous data extractor is useless. In this context, the screen recorder overcomes this weakness, because who says virtual keyboard says keyboard that appears on the screen. This makes it possible to recover the identifiers useful for computer hacking.

Technique #8: Clickjacking

clickjacking hack password Instagram

It's a technique that has its source in our habit of clicking on anything and everything. Our hackers have well understood this and install malicious scripts behind the tabs that we tend to click in order to get redirected to malicious platforms. Most often, they use the " like " or " share " buttons to trick the user. It looks very similar to phishing, but without offering a link. This is very common on social networks like Instagram. It may happen that third-party applications operate with this technique in order to set up more this hacking procedure easily, so if during your navigation you see an app that prompts you to take action, it is better to ignore it.

What methods should be put in place to protect yourself?

First of all, everything is a question of hygiene in the way we use the web.

Instagram, like all other social networks, presents itself as a mine of information and personal data. When cybercriminals seek to hack your account, it is only because they are sure to have very useful information. As a result:

  • Publish less personal information about you:
    • It is not necessary for everyone to know exactly where you live. Strangers can use this information in ways other than hacking. Your privacy should truly remain. Which means you should only post what is strictly necessary to maintain the necessary interactions.

  • Reduce the visibility of your account:
    • The goal is to be as discreet as possible. Because IT security and exposure don't mix. The more you are exposed to the general public, the more vulnerable you are. It is therefore important to limit the visibility of some of your publications and even certain information about your status as much as possible. Limit this to your friends for example or your parents. Above all, make the effort not to forge these links too much with people whose existence you are not physically aware of.

  • Use double authentication:
    • Two-factor authentication is essential these days. All platforms recommend it. If to a certain extent, users find that the procedure makes the connection much longer, the fact remains that for security reasons, it does not concretely pose a problem to be able to submit to it. Instagram offers double authentication like the majority of social networks. Just log into settings and enable it afterwards.

  • Use a strong and unique password:
    • The strength of the password matters a lot. Don't get distracted by your habit of making passwords with your names and dates of birth. This kind of habit is already known by pirates. They are already on the lookout for the slightest mistake to hack into your account. Also, don't make the mistake of using the same password on multiple online accounts. Indeed, in the event of a data leak, you will be more exposed.

  • Avoid third-party apps:
    • When we use social networks, some applications aim to make our user experience much simpler. These can be online tools or other fun apps. However, the apps can be used to collect data about you. Most often by diverting your distrust. Not really knowing where this kind of computer program comes from, it is better for you to simply do without it.

  • Stop saving your login credentials:
    • Often on browsers, there are dedicated functions that allow users to be able to save login credentials. This basically allows them to be able to connect easily without wasting time. These managers are very practical but they remain risky. For example, if your browser gets hacked, login credentials can be easily recovered. If a malicious person physically accesses your computer terminal, he can also collect the information that interests him.

  • Perform updates:
    • The computer terminals we use, the applications we download and install on a daily basis are all affected by security breaches. There is always a vulnerability that can be exploited by a hacker. That's why there are updates. The purpose of these updates is to help close security vulnerabilities. It is therefore important that you are disciplined at this level. As soon as an update is available, please run it as soon as possible.

  • Protect your computer device:
    • All protective measures are useless if the computer terminal is vulnerable. You have to think about securing your device. Whether it is a computer or a smartphone, it is important to deploy security measures, for example antivirus. Today there are virus protection programs suitable for any type of device. You can even get some protection programs for free, but they will do just fine. Generally, average users, especially those who use their smartphones a lot to connect, neglect antivirus protection. Yet it is one of the basics of cybersecurity. In particular, Internet security.

  • Lock access to your smartphone:
    • We connect much more often to Instagram thanks to our smartphone. When using an application, for example, our login credentials are already saved so that each time you open it, you are already logged into your account. This means that if a person, who does not necessarily have good intentions, accesses your smartphone, they can very easily try to change your login credentials to make you lose control. This is why we are going to recommend that you lock access to your smartphone. For example, use a password to protect access or a biometric measure such as your fingerprint.