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Snapchat account hacking techniques

How to hack Snapchat account?

Find out how to really hack a Snapchat account

In the category of favorite social networks for young people, Snapchat is in the top 5. Its use is much appreciated and almost half of the world's youth use it or have used it. However, everything that affects social networks also affects the computer security of your data. Indeed, you do not go a day without transmitting personal information that can be used against you if the user who has access to it has bad intentions.

How to hack Snapchat?

Platforms like Snapchat are the favorite playground for hackers. This is why in our article, we intend to warn you about the techniques used to hack Snapchat accounts.

There are different types of techniques that vary depending on the hacker's skills and end goal. Getting to know these techniques is necessary because it will allow you to better defend yourself.

Technique 1: Use PASS DECODER

Find a Snapchat password
Here is how to hack a Snapchat
password using PASS DECODER

It is a technique that does not require to be a specialist in computer hacking itself. You don't have to be a hacker and you don't have to be a computer genius. You just need a computer or a smartphone.

Indeed, PASS DECODER is a computer program developed by cybersecurity specialists certified ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant. There are many satisfied users who have used it or are still using it around the world.

Its main functionality is to allow access to any Snapchat account regardless of the complexity of the password and this through three simple steps:

1 - The first step is to download and install the application on your terminal (it is compatible with all devices).

2 - Open the application and fill in the requested information. On the PASS DECODER interface, you will find a space where you will be asked to enter information. This is either the phone number associated with the Snapchat account, or the email address or the username of this account. This is clearly easy information to find when you are targeting a specific person.

3 - Then launch the password recovery request. PASS DECODER takes care of processing your request thanks to its powerful algorithm and providing you with a clear and clear password that will allow you to access the desired account.

You should know that you have a 30-day trial guarantee when you download PASS DECODER for the first time. At the end of this period you are satisfied or refunded.

You can download PASS DECODER from the official website https://www.passwordrevelator.net/en/passdecoder

Technique 2: Session hijacking

Hack Snapchat with Hijack session

Unlike the first technique we described to you, this one requires a great knowledge of hacking. Session hijacking is simply redirecting the user who wants to access a particular site to another. While the process is very similar to phishing, it simply hijacks the user's login without them even having to click on anything suspicious. Everything happens upstream. Either by poisoning his DNS network from the access provider or by corrupting his Internet access from his WiFi router.

Technique 3: Corrupt WiFi

Fake WiFi network hack Snapchat

Today, the WiFi network is largely democratized since a large part of our connections are made through WiFi. However, not all WiFi networks are good for the security of our connections. Indeed, it is possible for hackers to deploy fake WiFi networks in order to trap any user who wants to use them. As soon as the user has the misfortune to connect to this WiFi, all of his Internet traffic is spied on. The cybercriminal can therefore collect sensitive data, namely the login credentials of online accounts and therefore hack access to Snapchat. Faced with this kind of technique, there is no real method to protect yourself except, of course, to avoid to connect to that WiFi network.

Technique 4: Use SIM Swap

Hack Snapchat account with SIM Card

You should know that not all techniques are necessarily pure hacking. It is possible to hack the integrity of your Snapchat account without actually initiating a complex hacking action. There are therefore certain techniques that make it possible to use the faults of the system for successful hacking. This is also what concerns the SIM Swap. In the majority of situations, when we generally talk about computer security regardless of the sector of activity, we rarely mention the issue of SIM cards.

SIM Swap or SIM Swapping is a method that has already proven itself and which counts among its victims, the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

What is it exactly?

This method involves using the online services offered by mobile phone houses to their customers. When you have difficulties with your SIM card, you have the opportunity to go physically to your operator's branch or to reach them online. This is when hackers will exploit a security flaw. When they contact your operator online, they will impersonate you by providing certain private information about you in order to be authenticated and to build trust with the operator with whom the hackers are talking. From this moment, hackers will request the transfer of your phone number to a new SIM card which will then be used to validate the connection to the Snapchat account.

Technique 5: SIM Jacking

SIM Jacking hack spnapchat account

Maybe you don't know it, but SIM cards are like little computers that can be hacked. For the general public, protecting them against hackers does not necessarily come to mind. Thus, our vulnerability may be explained by the lack of knowledge of which we are victims. This is why we are talking to you about SIM Jacking. SIM Jacking is a cybercrime technique that consists of exploiting computer vulnerabilities present in SIM cards to exfiltrate sensitive data, spy on users and of course carry out several other cyber malicious actors such as hacking a Snapchat account. This is a technique that began to develop almost 10 years ago. Indeed, it was discovered that a large number of SIM cards produced before the year 2010 were not designed with the latest security updates. These millions of SIM cards, most of which are still in circulation, are in a way open doors to many hacking attempts. The vulnerability discovered in these SIM cards allows the hacker to take control of the phone in order to send remote commands without the knowledge of the user. Of course, this has already been used by some hackers to steal sensitive data such as Snapchat account passwords. somehow open doors to many hacking attempts. The vulnerability discovered in these SIM cards allows the hacker to take control of the phone in order to send remote commands without the knowledge of the user. Of course, this has already been used by some hackers to steal sensitive data such as Snapchat account passwords. somehow open doors to many hacking attempts. The vulnerability discovered in these SIM cards allows the hacker to take control of the phone in order to send remote commands without the knowledge of the user. Of course, this has already been used by some hackers to steal sensitive data such as Snapchat account passwords.

Technique 6: Brute Force

Brute Force generator to hack Snapchat

The brute force attack is a very popular technique. We can say that it is literally one of the first resources used by a hacker when he wants to hijack or steal passwords. What exactly is this method?

As its name suggests, the objective is to force through. When a hacker can't decrypt the Snapchat password you used, they will use an automated script. Thanks to this elaborate computer program, it will be able to generate millions of combinations of letters, words and symbols in record time that could be your password. In turn, these generated combinations will be tried so as to know which one is the right one.

In practice, this technique works every time. However, the time to achieve a result will depend on the resources deployed, the power of the terminal used, as well as the complexity of the password.

Technique 7: Data leaks

Snapchat dataleaks

For an average user, talking about data leakage does not mean much. Perhaps this kind of problem goes unnoticed, but data leaks are recurrent. Certainly we can assure you that not a day goes by without there being a data leak. Most of the time this is not published in the press intended for the general public since it is about large platforms which are victims of this kind of leak. Communications on this subject are made only very rarely in order to avoid panic. It is for this reason that it can be a danger for your Snapchat account. There are hackers specialized in data collection available online. They use a method called scraping, which, thanks to automated data collection software, watch for the slightest data leak to exploit its content.

Since Snapchat is the victim of the leak, these hackers can gain access to your password and all your login credentials in just a few seconds. So you may end up with your Snapchat account hacked and hijacked by hackers.


Here are some techniques in brief that could be used to hack your Snapchat account. Obviously, this is not something to be taken lightly. There are several interests in hacking your Snapchat account. People interested in this have specific goals.

Indeed, social media accounts contain a lot of personal data. Whether it is your personal data such as first and last names, location data or information about your acquaintances and friends. Being able to access your Snapchat can help the hacker gain access to all the information they want. It can for example be a question of spying on you. It may also be a matter of usurpation of your identity in order to initiate large-scale scams. Therefore, you need to think about how to protect yourself.

Protect your Snapchat account

To better protect your Snapchat account, you must be disciplined and take the security and protection of your personal data very seriously. Here are some tips for improving the security of your devices and your Snapchat account to limit any hacking:

  • Set up two-factor authentication
    • Snapchat offers in its settings the possibility of activating double authentication. Today, it is literally an indispensable measure. Whether you like it or not, double authentication is necessary to effectively protect you from hacking. No matter what arrangements you make for your password, you are not immune to a data leak. With double authentication you are able to block potential hacking of your password. Therefore, activate it immediately as soon as you can.

  • Do not reuse passwords
    • As we mentioned above, no matter what devices you are going to take, you are not immune to data leaks. Therefore, it would be good not to make the mistake of using the same password on multiple online accounts at once. This advice follows the fact that it has been noticed several times that the majority of Internet users tend to reuse the same password on all their accounts. Such behavior which is obviously likely to expose them even more.

  • Compose strong passwords
    • The techniques to hack your password are multiple, each year we discover more and more new techniques. Which means that you have to raise the level of your passwords when composing them. Avoid using your date of birth or that of a relative. Do not use the phrase " password". Don't take it easy, creating a password is something serious that must be done with care. Cybercriminals already know your weak points, they also know your habits. Therefore, especially favor passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters, specific symbols and numbers. A good password has at least 8 characters. Above all, avoid using personal or professional references. As far as possible, it is even advisable to 'use passphrases These are usually much more difficult to crack.

  • Do the updates
    • As soon as you receive a notification about an update, it is important not to ignore it. This concerns both the applications you use and the operating system of your computing device. It is important to know that with each update, one more backdoor closes against a hacker who somehow tries to exploit security holes against you. If your computer terminal allows it, activate the automatic update to make your task easier.

  • Protect your computer device with an antivirus
    • Malicious programs are legion on the web. Every time you log in, you are vulnerable in some way. With every click you make, you run the risk of getting infected with a hacking program. It is also for this reason that it is important that you protect your computer terminal with an antivirus. Luckily for you, these IT tools are available to everyone. You can definitely get them according to your budget and your need for protection. It is something essential these days. Especially when you know that the vast majority of hacking techniques rely on malware.

  • Encrypt your connections or use a VPN network
    • As we mentioned above, every time you connect to the Internet, you are exposed in one way or another to a computer attack. So what should be done? It's very simple, try to make your Internet connection as anonymous as possible. There are plenty of programs available for this. Also, you have the option of using a VPN network which will have the main function of making you as discreet as possible. The objective of this procedure is to ensure that you do not get spied on or have the session hijacked. Just like the antiviruses we talked about above, there are a lot of offers around protection using VPN technology.

  • Avoid public WiFi networks
    • When you can't guarantee the security of a WiFi network, it's best not to use it altogether. Clearly, avoid connecting to any available WiFi. We have already explained above what possibilities there might be for hackers to exploit this against you. In a pinch if you are forced to use a public WiFi network, make sure you have a good VPN network and a good antivirus. You can also use various firewalls in addition to the recommended protection.

  • Avoid using public terminals to log in
    • It may happen that you do not have your own computing device at your disposal. In this kind of situation, do not make the mistake of using a public computing device to log into your Snapchat account. That would be a big mistake! Indeed, public devices are vulnerable and exposed to all types of dangers. You cannot know who used the device before you, what was done and what might have been done. The recommendation remains the same: please simply avoid using a device that is not yours.

  • Lock your smartphone access
    • Accessibility to your computer terminal is the first computer security measure. In other words, you need to make sure that no one can tamper with your smartphone without your knowledge. If this happened unfortunately, one can easily imagine a lot of possibilities for hacking. There is for example the fact of changing your password without your knowledge. There is also the possibility of introducing spyware or any type of malicious programs into it. In any case, you must still be aware of the risks and dangers incurred by letting a stranger handle your device. Therefore, lock your smartphone when you have to part with it. For this, several possibilities are available to you. You can use either passwords to close access, you can also simply take advantage of the biometric security measures present on the latest generation smartphones, such as fingerprint, facial recognition, voice...

  • Stay informed
    • Knowing how the world of cybercrime is changing can somehow help you better protect yourself. Computer threats are changing every day, staying in touch with this world is the only solution to anticipate future problems. Be disciplined in how you use computer resources. Just be aware that haste does not go hand in hand with computer security.
To conclude, know that flawless security does not exist. Computer hackers will always find a solution to circumvent existing protection methods. With each new security solution there is a vulnerability that can be exploited. Therefore, be attentive and use PASS DECODER since it allows you to recover the password of any Snapchat account. Certainly, you are going to be in a situation where this program can be very useful to you. You are therefore safe from having your account hijacked. Remember that you have the opportunity to test it and confirm its effectiveness over 30 days. You are satisfied or your money back, so try it now!