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Methods to crack Snapchat password

How to crack an Snapchat password?

The security of the Snapchat social network leaves much to be desired...

Most Snapchat users imagine that because the messages are fleeting, the account is secure. However, this is not the case, in fact, messages that people think have been deleted do indeed remain stored on Snapchat servers.

Sad news for those who thought they had total control over their image when sending out daring photos...

Now that everyone knows that Snapchat is not as secure as you think, it also remains very vulnerable to attacks. We can no longer count the number of Snapchat accounts hacked in recent years. It's no wonder when the source code for the application is found on the Internet.

What are the solutions to crack Snapchat?

Hacking methods are exploding on the Internet, they are all equally effective. But to successfully crack a Snapchat account for sure, you need to have the right tools... So here are some cybermalware techniques that can be used to control a Snapchat:

Solution 1: PASS DECODER

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PASS DECODER is one of the best Snapchat account hack tools. It is also the easiest and fastest. It allows from a Snapchat username to crack access and connect to it. In fact, this application connects to the databases containing the passwords associated with the identifiers. A simple manipulation with a script and you're done!

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Solution 2: Social engineering

Crack social engineering Snapchat

You have to tell yourself the truth, a password usually contains a birthday, the name of your dog, your mom… Hackers use a Learning Solution from social networks. Indeed, they will do research on the Internet using simple means of access such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter... and they will collect as much information as possible about the victim. All you have to do is try different passwords to log into the Snapchat account.

Solution 3: SIM Swapping

SIM Swapping Snapchat cracker

Since Snapchat realized that their social network is not secure at all, they implemented a two-factor authentication protection. This means that when a user wants to connect to his account, he must confirm access via the SMS received on his phone. This protection is not at all developed and confirms once again that this social network is full of flaws and technical defects. The technique of SIM Swappingessentially aims to usurp the identity of the targeted person. One then wonders what could be the point of making this usurpation. It's very simple, the hacker will first gather a lot of personal information about you in order to pretend to be you. This is actually the first step of the method. The second step will consist of calling your telephone operator to ask them to transfer your telephone number to another one that they will have in their possession. He may pretend to have lost his mobile phone or assume a technical failure. Knowing that he has your personal information, he can easily authenticate the identity which is obviously not his own. When your phone number is then transferred to a chip, he can use this number at his convenience. Of course, the majority of our online accounts today are associated with this phone number. The immediate consequences will be that he can easily change the passwords and login credentials of his accounts and use them as he wishes. This is exactly where the danger of SIM swapping lies.

Solution 4: Trojan Horse

Snapchat trojan

Malware is a computer program that is designed to circumvent the security of computer systems and perform certain tasks to the detriment of the owner of that computer system. In the category of the most popular malware we have the Trojan. It is one of the most widely used hacker apps in the world. This particular one has the possibility of offering several functionalities to its operator. First of all, its particularity lies in the fact that it can camouflage itself in the form of a legitimate application. Hence its name of Trojan horse. Not only can it take on the appearance of a legitimate application buthe can also hide behind a real application and wait patiently to execute and carry out his official actions. Consequently, the user is the very one who, by his lack of suspicion or by his negligence, tends to become infected. When the Trojan horse is installed on a person's computer terminal, several possibilities are available to its operator as we mentioned above. First of all, it has the ability to execute malicious codes on its terminals. Either to create a backdoor or to install a new application. It can also take control of the terminal and perform certain tasks. And the most interesting part, it can of course exfiltrate data and use it for other purposes. The fact that it is a particularly discreet program facilitates its use when you are an expert in the field. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of malware is to have a very good antivirus and not to be in the habit of installing software outside the official application stores.

Solution 5: Spyware

Spyware Snapchat

From now on, the domestic and widespread use of spyware is no longer science fiction or cinema. Indeed, it is not uncommon for spyware to be used to target specific people. Today, there are even slightly lighter alternatives that are commonly nicknamed Stalkerware. To know, we must mention the fact that anyone can be a victim of the use of malicious software. Therefore you are not necessarily safe and this can have an impact on the uses of your online accounts. Indeed, thanks to powerful and even basic malware of the spyware type, it is possible to follow the traffic of an individual anywhere, whether through GSM calls, text messages or even the use social media accounts. Therefore, you must be sure to have an effective antivirus to detect this kind of software. In addition, pay attention to your Internet data consumption. Most often the use of malicious software can lead to high data consumption.

Solution 6: Phishing

Phishing Snapchat

It is a classic in the field of computer hacking. Phishing is most often used to collect data that will later be used to initiate other computer attacks. The technique simply consists of attracting a user via a message that includes a link to a fake website where the latter will be invited to enter their login credentials. When this is done in a general way without a user being targeted in a particular way, we enter the variant of what is called Spearphishing. For this process, the user is targeted in a rather personal way. The message he will receive will be made up in such a way that he is fully confident because he will use codes and information that will allow him to divert his attention. And if the user falls into the trap, he will have his login credentials stolen which will be used against him.

Solution 7: Password cracking

Cracker Snapchat password

Password cracking will be a rather special technique in the sense that it will be necessary to have the necessary skills and the tools that go with it. Indeed, thanks to a fairly sophisticated computer program, the hacker will try to break your password by trying thousands or even millions of combinations. The duration of this technique may depend on the quality of the password. In other words, the more sophisticated and tough the password, the longer the hacker takes to crack it. Password cracking to a variant known as the dictionary attacker. In this context the cybercriminal will try several combinations. However, the combinations he tries are actually passwords that have been recorded and stored, passwords that he has collected over time.

Solution 8: DNS Attack

Snapchat DNS attack

The DNS attack also known as DNS Spoofing is a technique that consists of violating the integrity of the DNS server in order to hijack the connection of a person or a group of people. The advantage of this computer attack is that it can start from the source of your Internet connection. Indeed, it can happen that cybercriminals manage to infect the caches that allow the web server to operate effectively and efficiently. This poisoning can start from the Internet service provider. This makes it very difficult to protect against it because nothing depends on the user from this moment on. The attack is subtle in the sense that unlike phishing where you have to click on a link for example, here you don't need to click on a link. You just need to connect to the Internet, go to your browser and enter the address that interests you. Since the caches have already been attacked, you will immediately be directed to the bogus website which is under the control of the hackers. And the rest you can easily guess yourself.

Solution 9: 0 day vulnerability exploit

Snapchat security 0 day

You certainly know this expression in the field of computing which says that there is always a fault in the system. This is not a purely ostentatious phrase. In fact, there really is a security flaw in all the systems we use. These security flaws are called 0-day vulnerabilities.

The particularity of these flaws lies essentially in the fact that they are not even discovered by the manufacturers or the users when the computer device concerned is made available. These are security vulnerabilities that can be used without you even realizing it. If today the research methods for these security vulnerabilities have improved significantly, the fact remains that hackers are well ahead of the game in their exploitation. Additionally, there are marketplaces where these vulnerabilities are traded. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to always run the security updates that you receive. This may give you the advantage of closing some vulnerabilities.

Solution 10: Data leaks

Snapchat data leaks

It is certain that you will wonder how data leaks can endanger your Snapchat account. Let us tell you a fact. Data leaks are situations in which a lot of user information on a platform escapes the controls of the latter. They then become accessible to people who normally would not have access to them. But what information are we talking about? We refer to certain information such as your login credentials. In other words, your passwords and your email address. Which means that if the platform you are using is a victim of data leaks, you can be easily hacked and your login details are at the mercy of criminals. The problem with data leaks, it is the fact that they occur almost at any time. And social networks are usually the first victims of this phenomenon. This is understandable, with the mass of data they must generate and manage, they are unfortunately not immune to some configuration errors. Which means that you are exposed at all times if you are not sufficiently informed about this sort of thing and if you do not have good methods of managing your login credentials.

Solution 11: Man-in-the-middle attack

middle man snapchat hack

This solution falls into the category of little-known hacking techniques. The man-in-the-middle attack is a concept that is explained by the fact that the cybercriminal will create a bridge between the victim and the server or the terminal with which he wants to order. The purpose of this bridge is to be able to intercept the latter's communications. But how will he do it?

Quite simply by creating a system that allows you to place yourself between your victim and the target server. For this, it is not uncommon for the cybercriminal to use, for example, a fake WiFi network as a point of support. Indeed, it is possible to create a fake WiFi Hotspot. Thanks to this router and some monitoring scripts, you can simply spy on the traffic of all the people who connect to it to have Internet access. In this way, it will be much easier to hijack the login data. However, it must be recognized that it is a technique that requires a good knowledge of computer hacking.


Snapchat is a fantastic communication tool for sending messages and pictures for temporary purposes. Unfortunately, Snapchat is full of major security flaws that can harm their users.

In this second part, we will discuss some computer threats that weigh on your Snapchat account as well as all your online accounts. You should know that cybercrime is on the rise today. Hackers look for any opportunity to break into your computer systems and steal your personal data.

How can you protect yourself against this cyber attack?

Computer security largely depends on the user himself. He must be able to be disciplined in the way he accesses Snapchat. But also in his way of using the computer terminals he has. Here are some tips that can help you escape hacking of your Snapchat account:

  • Use two-factor authentication:
    • This is essential for a better secure approach to connecting to Snapchat. In other words, it can allow you to escape a computer attack if you lose control. As you know, no matter how you form the password, you are not immune to a data leak, which will expose your login credentials. Two-factor authentication will be the extra layer of security that identifies your person;
  • Use anti-virus software:
    • Malware is a threat to be taken very seriously. You cannot always know when you were infected or under what conditions you may be infected. A good antivirus can reduce the risks while protecting you in real time from the threat of pirate software circulating at all times via the Internet. However, you must ensure that you have powerful and up-to-date software;
  • Perform updates :
    • Updates are essential, we will never get tired of telling you about it because it is one of the main acts that make it possible to reduce the threat as much as possible. You should know that updates are not limited to giving new features to software or an operating system. They have uses far beyond that. Insofar as some security flaws have been discovered, they will help to fill them. Therefore, do not hesitate or waste your time when it comes to updating your operating system or software;
  • Beware of browser extensions:
    • It should be noted that the extensions are very useful. However, just like apps that can have malicious functionality, there are also those online computer programs that can help cyber criminals harvest your data and use it against you. Therefore, limit your use of browser extensions as much as possible;
  • Not logging into your Snapchat account using public terminals:
    • In a particular situation, one may be tempted to use an acquaintance's smartphone or a friend's tablet to go on Snapchat. But what is it really? This is quite a dangerous act, as there are no security guarantees on the terminal you are using. There is also the possibility that you forget to log out allowing another person to access your platform content. Therefore, avoid using public terminals or terminals that do not belong to you as much as possible;
  • Pay attention to the public WiFi network:
    • Open access WiFi networks are great triggers for cyberattacks. There are several methods that hackers can use through such routers or hotspots. If you do not have the necessary security measures and if you are not able to protect yourself, it is advisable not to use a WiFi network with public access. However, if in any way you are forced to do so, feel free to use a virtual private network;
  • Avoid clicking on links you receive by message:
    • Indeed, the phishing technique is essentially based on this method. As a precaution, if you receive a message that contains a link, without you having taken any action that could justify this type of message, it is best not to click on it. You can either just ignore the message, or you can go directly to the browser and enter the website address yourself;
  • Protect access to your smartphone or computer:
    • Indeed, you should not allow everyone to access your computer or your smartphone. It can backfire on you. Especially if you misplace your computer terminal, for example. Please protect access either with a password or with a biometric security solution such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does social engineering work in hacking Snapchat?

Social engineering involves gathering personal information about a target from social networks to guess passwords.

Can you explain SIM Swapping?

SIM Swapping is a technique where hackers transfer a target's phone number to their own SIM card to bypass two-factor authentication.

What is a Trojan Horse in Snapchat hacking?

A Trojan Horse is malware disguised as a legitimate application, allowing hackers to execute malicious actions on a user's device.

How does Spyware affect Snapchat?

Spyware can be used to monitor and track a user's activities on Snapchat, compromising their privacy and security.

What is phishing and how is it used in hacking Snapchat?

Phishing involves tricking users into revealing their login credentials through fake websites or messages.

Can you explain password cracking?

Password cracking involves using sophisticated programs to attempt thousands or millions of password combinations to gain access to an account.

What is a DNS Attack?

A DNS Attack involves hijacking the connection of a user by violating the integrity of the DNS server.

What are 0-day vulnerabilities?

0-day vulnerabilities are security flaws that are exploited by hackers before the manufacturer or users become aware of them.

How do data leaks impact Snapchat security?

Data leaks expose user information, including login credentials, making them vulnerable to hacking.

What is a Man-in-the-middle attack?

A Man-in-the-middle attack involves intercepting communications between a user and a server to obtain sensitive information.