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Hacking a WiFi account

A WiFi key is never secured

Can we Hack Wifi password?

Hacking a WiFi key is not a simple process, but it can be easy for a motivated person to want to appropriate the coveted Internet network. Whether you use a simple WEP or WPA key with a long password, you will see in this article that it can be very easy to hack a WiFi account. When a hacker attacks a WiFi network, he looks at how the key was encrypted. WEP keys that are easier to crack than WP2 keys. The source of the WiFi signal being scattered by the router, the device itself would be an excellent target to be hacked. Yet, routers are regularly updated with certain parameters to prevent routers from being attacked via brute force. However, loopholes still exist and hackers take advantage.

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Hack a WiFi password

The most basic form of protection is WEP encryption. In recent years it has become a dangerous option by vulnerability and can be quickly hacked. Although this is the case, many routers still use this type of protection. When the WPA is an alternative security, it will find the sentence that corresponds to the WiFi key. It will subsequently use a WiFi key simulator that can pretend to connect and interrogate the router to recover the WiFi code. Otherwise, there are other solutions like the dictionary attack or the password generator. Today's computers are powerful enough to find the WiFi password in just minutes. Of course, before trying to start hacking, hackers made sure to measure the protection in order to adjust their tools. The hacking of WiFi passwords is not just for hackers, it can also be used by the network owner to test the security.

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