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How Hotmail hacker tool works?

Hacking a Hotmail account has become very popular, many users are getting their favorite mailboxes hacked every day. To avoid having your Hotmail password hacked with more complex techniques than each other, you should always use long passwords. This will make the hacking attempt much more complicated with a longer duration.

Hacking apps can be used on online websites, computer or smartphone. But that's not all, these apps can also be used to crack hashed passwords. All possible encryption combinations to hack the 64-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit encrypted password will be tried.

Also, if you are interested in hacking techniques that can be used against you, here are some examples. However, you need to get to know them better to know how to prepare against it.


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Session hijacking

Hotmail session hijacking

Also known as " session theft ", this technique essentially consists of intercepting a TCP session established during a communication between two terminals. If the authentication of the identity of Internet users is confirmed during the opening of the session, it is quite possible for the criminal to control the connection and to take control of it throughout the duration of the session. The consequences are immediate. Data theft can be committed as well as hotmail account usurpation as well as redirection to a website. However, that's not all. Such a situation can lead to what specialists consider as variant techniques which are:

  • Source routing:
    • It consists of diverting the servers by using the source routing option, included in the IP protocol. In this variant, the hacker will use IP addresses which will allow to indicate to the routers what he can use. This leaves the possibility of being able to determine a return path for the various packets in the direction of a router that it has under its control.

  • Blind Attack:
    • Hackers imagine this variant when they cannot use server source routing. So they're going to send packets blindly without even considering certain aspects. In this technique, the result gain is essentially based on the prediction of sequence numbers.

  • Man-in-the-middle attack:
    • We are talking about a well-known technique in the world of cybercrime. " The man in the middle Attack " essentially consists of the cyber criminal creating a bridge between two points of communication. The objective is to be active between this bridge which will connect these two interlocutors. He can then perceive the exchanges from his position and collect connection data to later succeed in his computer attack.

Zero Click exploits

Exploit Zero Click Hotmail

More often than not, when a hacker tries somehow to attack a user's account or device, whether through malware or a hijacking technique, they need the participation of their victim. . This participation is obtained without real will on the part of the user. To achieve this, he will establish several strategies that will deceive the user and push him to commit certain actions. For example, in the context of stealth downloading, the objective is to trick users into downloading a malicious application to their terminal (the application will be used by the hacker later). The principle lies in a key similar to phishing introduced into the device with the aim of encourage the victim to click on a link that will lead him to a malicious platform. There is also the possibility that the hacker himself manually installs the malware on his victim's computer device. But all this is complicated especially for a user who is vigilant and who knows the basic security rules. This is why the hacker can use the security vulnerability exploitation.

There are vulnerabilities categorized as 0 Day. These are essentially design flaws that have not yet been corrected by the manufacturers or the editors of the computer terminal or the software used. Most often, these security flaws are not even known to the manufacturers themselves. When a hacker manages to discover the manufacturer's vulnerabilities, he can of course use them to initiate what is called a Zero Click exploit. It is a hacking method which is so lightning fast that even a user cannot notice it. All hacking is totally handled by the hacker. The user does not even need to do anything. It is simply under the hacker's control. Thanks to the exploitation of this kind of security vulnerability, hackers can remotely install malware on your phone without you even knowing it and without you even doing a single manipulation. Which basically makes you vulnerable.

Fake WiFi hotspots

fake WiFi Hotmail hack

We commonly use WiFi networks to connect to the Internet. For a few years now, this method of wireless connection has become so widespread that wherever we go, we have the opportunity to connect to a hotspot to access the Internet. Access to certain WiFi networks is protected by a password, which aims to reduce access to those authorized to access them. On the other hand, there are freely accessible routers. Especially in public places such as free WiFi zone or restaurants. If this is a good thing for the Internet user who can then take advantage of this free connection, in practice it is dangerous to give in to this temptation. Indeed, not all WiFi networks are safe to use fake WiFi hotspots with the aim of intercepting user traffic and stealing their personal data. Indeed, when you access a wireless network, be aware that it is possible to be able to monitor the traffic generated and therefore to be able to access your online accounts. Especially if you don't take the necessary protective measures. How do you know if you are connected to a hacked WiFi network? Unfortunately you have no way of knowing.

Social engineering

hack Hotmail social engineering

It is difficult to talk about online account hacking without mentioning this aspect of cybercrime. Social engineering is a practice that is difficult to circumvent. Hackers use it constantly.

It is a method that basically consists of taking advantage of a friendly bond created between the cybercriminal and his victim. Thanks to this link that has been established, the cybercriminal will try to collect information about the latter. This goes through innocuous questions or habits that can trap in the long term. Generally the questions turn on the individual and social knowledge of the victim. For example:

  • What is his birthday?
  • What are some of the people in his family called?
  • What year was he in elementary school?
  • Does he have a pet and what is his name?

Knowing that it is usual for Internet users to use their personal information in order to constitute the password, we will process all of these answers in order to guess which identifier could be suitable.


Dataleaks Hotmail passwords

A database is a collection of digital data consisting of several types of information stored on a server or a backup device. Almost all digital platforms generate, process or protect databases. But, it often happens that these databases completely escape the vigilance of the platforms in question. This can be caused by a computer hack or a configuration error of a server that hosts or transmits this data. We then speak of data leaks. However, we must clarify something: these databases have a certain value in the eyes of hackers. For them, data leaks are a godsend because it considerably reduces the efforts they have to make to collect information from Internet users themselves.

So it is legitimate to ask how this can benefit them? The answer to this question is quite simple. In the event of a data leak, hackers will easily have at their disposal a wealth of information that can be used in several types of computer attacks. For example:

  • The dictionary attack:
    • When a database contains login data such as passwords, hackers can store it in a database they call a dictionary. Thanks to an automated tool, these passwords will be used to try to break access to certain online accounts. And since everything is made automatic, they will simply initiate the attack and wait for the correct password to be discovered.

  • Brute force attack:
    • A trial and error solution to find the right password. The software that will do this task will try all the words in the dictionary by adding numbers and special characters. He also tries dates, names, first names. For example " coconono82 " or a name " FeLIX827 ". Computers are so powerful that it only takes a few minutes to crack the code. Even if this technique seems old and no longer fashionable, it is still the most used by hackers. The attempts are long but they are the ones that have the most positive results.

  • Identity theft:
    • The databases contain information that is often nominative, allowing us to be able to usurp the identity and initiate several online fraud scams. They can even use them to perform the spoofing technique.

Attacks without Internet

No Internet hack passwords

In everyone's imagination, when we talk about a computer attack, it necessarily concerns the use of the Internet since we are entering a computer system. Yet there are indeed methods that do not need the Internet to successfully hack you. This is not science fiction but fact. They can use physical devices as well as intangible ones. Here are a few you need to get to know:

  • The Bluetooth attack:
    • Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that is used for communication between multiple devices. However, we most often forget that Bluetooth has security flaws that can be exploited if the hacker knows how to use them properly. Obviously because of the short range of a Bluetooth network, such a computer attack will require a certain proximity between the attacker and his victim. It will therefore be possible for the criminal to steal all the data from the terminal

  • USB cable hacking:
    • As we know very well, USB cables have several features. They allow you to charge your smartphone, but also to be able to transfer files to other devices. However a hacker can exactly use the second feature to hack you. Especially if you are used to using USB charging stations which are most often available in public spaces. Indeed, it may happen that you need to recharge your smartphone when you have not yet arrived at home. The problem is exactly at the level of the charging stations which require the use of a USB cable. Hackers can exploit this by deploying data collection devices that tap into security holes in your cables. Which basically allows them to exfiltrate content from your device.

  • The Lantenna Attack:
    • This computer hacking technique requires the installation of a rather particular device. It essentially consists of converting ultrasound emitted by ethernet cables into intelligible information. Very often, company policy imposes on the IT manager a system that is not connected to the Internet and completely sealed off from the outside world in order to avoid computer hacking. However, with the help of an antenna and in the malicious software installed on one of the terminals of the system, it is largely possible to intercept the electromagnetic waves to know exactly what information is transiting in this system. If the technique is quite complicated and difficult, it is realistic and has already been practiced.

  • The USB stick:
    • It is possible to install malware on USB drives and wait patiently for the victim to infect themselves. Most often, the hacker will leave the USB key lying around in a place where he knows perfectly well that his victim will find it and have it in his possession. If the latter inadvertently uses the USB key and connects it to his computer, he will be contaminated.

How can you protect yourself from online crime?

Protect Hotmail account

As an email service, your hotmail account will be constantly targeted by hackers. Which means you need to make sure to protect yourself as much as possible. We are sure of one thing, it is impossible to protect yourself 100%, without any flaws. However, it is possible to improve your security so as to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Update your computer device and software:
    • The update has several basic features. Improve user experience, fix bugs and bring new features. But, we most often forget the other most important feature: the correction of security vulnerabilities. As mentioned above, security breaches can have serious consequences for the security of your Internet use. In this case, you should never wait when there is an update to run. Do your best to do so as quickly as possible. Because it can turn against you in case of negligence.

  • Install anti-virus and device protection software:
    • When you want to connect to your hotmail account via a browser or a public WiFi network, you are exposed to a number of dangers. For example the session hijacking that we explained above or the interception of traffic. To protect yourself against this, use a virtual private network. You can then enjoy enhanced security. Access to the virtual network is easy nowadays because the offers are multiple and adapted to the needs. Taking into account the danger that persists, do your best not to overlook this possibility.

  • Use a VPN:
    • When you want to connect to your hotmail account via a browser or a public WiFi network, you are exposed to a number of dangers. For example the session hijacking that we explained above or the interception of traffic. To protect yourself against this, use a virtual private network. You can then enjoy enhanced security. Access to the virtual network is easy nowadays because the offers are multiple and adapted to the needs. Taking into account the danger that persists, do your best not to overlook this possibility.

  • Use two-factor authentication:
    • This is a protective measure that is strongly recommended. It doesn't matter what platform you use. Double authentication is possible thanks to the configuration of each account. The goal is to be able to protect you with a new layer of security insofar as your password is compromised. Since data leaks are not something that depends on the user, it is therefore necessary to find a way to protect against them. Double authentication can be done using your phone number where you will receive an SMS containing a unique security code.

  • Use a unique password:
    • We must always insist on this advice. Almost all users have already used the same password on several accounts and this is an issue that should not be overlooked. If you're worried about forgetting your password, use a password manager. Because the same password on several accounts is risky. Especially in the event of a data leak. Protect yourself from this.

  • Beware of third-party apps:
    • It often happens that on our computers and smartphones we use third-party applications, especially browser extensions. Yet we do not know the origin and provenance of most of these programs. We don't even know if it can be used against us. Therefore, let's be very realistic and minimalist in our way of using the Internet and computer tools. When you consider that computer tools are not necessary, do not install them on your terminal.